• After that shock exit Kai, I doubt they can give them away less -75%. Ha, ha...

    • The rack at the Cologne Fred Perry shop looked un-touched, Gary, hahaha!

    • Come on England!!

      I was on my way to the game, catching up with expat mates again in Melbourne, this time in a Ben Sherman wool suit, red/white button-down FP, short-sleeved check shirt, sheer stockings and my Bass Weejuns... Another great result and without penalties!!

  • Didn't want to start a new thread so I'll just ask here. What is the proper attire for an outdoor festival? Coming over in August for the Bristol Mod/Ska Festival and I trying to figure out what to pack. Thanks!

    • Here are a couple of ideas:

      Polo shirt/jeans/trainers

      Short sleeve shirt/suit/loafers


  • Thought I'd mix the seasons up a a little this winter...

    Reviw Australia green "Francesca" coat - detachable faux fur collar removed and black "Minnie" bow pump heels

    Alannah Hill "Light of My Life" dress

    Not shown: sheer, "control top" stockings, black patent leath vintage handbag and white wrist-length gloves...

    • Lovely, as always Bec ;-)

    • Cheers Alan!

      Haven't made an Afterpay payment on tje coat and the shoes will be half paid off this week... ;-)

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    • Summers here Gary, nice outfit ;-)

    • What's the popover, Gary?

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