• We will know if it,s coming home, in roughly 9 hours from now Gary ;-)

    • Just under 4 now, Al! ;-)

    • Is that one of your tops for Brighton next year Gary ha ha

    • if we win the world cup it will be Chris ;0)

    • I suppose I could always put Brighton back to 2020 :)

    • With the blue showing in this unique reversible (and one of the best) vintage 2002 England top. This is a cracking look with a pair of white 501's and dessies...

    • Should be on sale for 75% less since last week, boohoohoo!

    • It's the best we've done in football for a long while. Oh well, back to Brexit.

      50% off ;0)...


    • My condolences.  I was hoping for England France final myself.  Still face Belgium on Saturday for what it’s worth.

    • Would buy these shirts every 4 years if they did them for women, also!! :-(

      I think I can go to sleep for an hour or so before I go to the job centre... it is after 7am, here in Victoria...

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