• It is very good up here at times Alan, but now and then we have splits that affect it. Years ago such splits resulted in mass barneys. Thankfullly that does not happen now, but what we do get is people avoiding or boycotting certain nights. Another downside to its success is that more people run nights and that affects other one's as most people are not able to attend everything that is on.

      Last Saturday we went to a great do in a nearby pub before going up to TM. It was very good but I wonder if some went there instead of Tailor Made. I personally like to support the nights that Molloy and Mikey Collins put on as they have been running Mod clubs through good times and bad. They always put amazing efforts into providing the Glasgow Mod scene with great do's and bands with little financial return. Like a lot of us on here they are just very dedicated to the scene and that is what drives them. I am slightly surprised that there is not a healthy Mod scene in your neck of the woods mate, when I first went to scooter rallies down south in the early 80s the Mod scene was pretty big in the north east of England.


    • Oh very smart Al, Is that a Dna shirt ?

    • Cheers Andy,on this ocassion, no it isn`t, but it was bought from a shirt store in Tuscany, Italy a few years back, along with two others.

    • Nice one, Alan. Is that Corduroy? Hard to make out...

    • Yes Olive corduroy Kai, just got it back from my tailor as it was too big and needed some alterations ;-)

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    • Nice. But you know what I'm looking at. Lol

    • What Kai said! :-)

    • Very smart, especially the jacket! :-)

    • Yes, I thought you might like the jacket Kai ;-)

    • I especially like the shirt  Al !

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