• What Kai said! :-)

    • Very smart, especially the jacket! :-)

    • Yes, I thought you might like the jacket Kai ;-)

    • I especially like the shirt  Al !

    • Cheers gentlemen, it`s a change to smarten up these days, as I spend far too much time in working clothes, retirement never seems to get any closer :-(

    • Ha ! Before you know it retirement will be upon you Al !

    • Sooner rather than later, hopefully Andy, after 37 years of physical graft, I`ve really had enough now mate. I like to finish while I can still walk ;-)

    • I totally get what you're saying Al, i don't miss the rat race but it concerns me how these youngsters are gonna cope. It's not easy out there !  Any time scale on when you might be looking to retire ?

    • Two years hopefully Andy, I wanted to in early 2019, but still have too many things to pay off, sadly :-(

    • Well i'm sorry you had put off retiring for now but hopefully  before you know it you'll have arrived at where you wanna be !!

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