• Full Marks MG -looking great 

    • Cheers Scott! I was coming back from a birthday dinner in town at one of the local pubs! ;-) May wear another MQ Ginger Group on Sunday for lunch with an acquaintance of mine...

    • Very Impressive !

    • Cheers Andy! Much appreciated.

  • Evening all!

    Here I am quaffing a fine Valpolicella during a recent long weekend in Venice. As a long time admirer of Dustin Hoffman's wardrobe in The Graduate, this M&S 3-button cord jacket, which I picked up on eBay for a pittance and worn over a long-sleeved Uniqlo merino polo, whilst more Mr Robinson than Benjamin Braddock, is as close as I'm going to get without spending a fortune. In fairness, with Venice prices being what they were, the wine probably cost more than my clothes!


    • Looking absolutely spot on Ian -giving the Italians a good run for their money 

    • Looks fantastic! Uniqlo is doing some great stuff.


    • Cheers Martin. They always do the basics really well. their knitwear, for the price, is a staple in my wardrobe 

    • Very smart Ian, and great to see you posting mate.

    • Looks great, the attire and the place, I love Venice, well Italy in general, to be honest, been there many times.

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