• Life of Rliey!!

    • Seems so!! ;-) :-D

    • Belated happy birthday Bec, flying the flag for the ladies, regarding style and I would expect no less.

    • Cheers Al!

      As always, I apprecuate your words like everyone else's so far.

      It's a pity no other girks post on here anymore - or at all. Although I forgot to submit an anecdote for the Ready, Steady, Girls book, one wonders..'. I guess tobbe Faceache/Twitter/Instagram is more important. :-/

      Having said that, 

    • A sweet lookin' mod... Happy birthday my Scorpio sister ;0x 

    • Cheers Gaz!

      Your Afro's looking neat too, Scorpio brother! Serious question: Were/Are you inspired by Clarence Williams III from Mod Squad? It really suits you.

      I mean, someone will no doubt make some smart-arse remark like that, especially if thry know - or don't know - you're a Mod. I get it around town, sometimes... or they recognise me from when I go to see Ballarat's own Motor City Sounds. ;-)

    • Looking great... and a Happy Birthday to you,  Bec. 25th you meant to write, surely!?

    • Danke, Kai!

      25?! You mean 18! ;-)

    • Of course; my fault! ;-)

    • ;-) :-P

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