• In fact I'm a little envious. Not because of the dasies, but because I'd love to see P.P. once in my life... :-D

    • Oh go on admit it !  You like dasies !

    • Of course I do! They just don't make me envious! :-) Already got my tickets for the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A in April, btw!

    • LOL !

    • Still trying (unsuccessfully) to save for my flight so I can go that... I am hoping to get a MQ ticket soon! What date and time are you booked, Kai?

    • April 25th, 13.00, Bec. Now that would be great if you joined the Ahlands!

    • I love a good Daisy... Mary Quant and Marc Jacobs! ;-)

    • Nothing wrong with that !

    • Especially when it comes to vintage, modern, designer and designer vintage clothing...

      Can't tell I'm a woman, can you?! I know I wasn't going to mention how much I paid for each pair of MJ ballet flats I bought earlier this year, and I'm still not going to mention the price tag, either! ;-)

    • If you're very  happy with a purchase  you can handle the price even if it was excessive !!

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