• Especially when it comes to vintage, modern, designer and designer vintage clothing...

      Can't tell I'm a woman, can you?! I know I wasn't going to mention how much I paid for each pair of MJ ballet flats I bought earlier this year, and I'm still not going to mention the price tag, either! ;-)

    • If you're very  happy with a purchase  you can handle the price even if it was excessive !!

    • Very good ! Priceless !

    • And I'd be "borrowing" your ties, cufflinks, tie pins, tie slides... and if we were the same size in trousers, I'd get into your pants!! I would do all that with any other classy guy I'd be dating who has style... Hang on a minute! I do that to my other half already and he's not a Mod! ;-)

    • I didn't know Imelda Marcos was back from the dead and living Essen!! ;-) Oh wait! That's what my mother still calls me... My bad...

    • Ha ha ! Like it you and i possibly might not have enough wardrobe space ! Even if we did you'd probably  be hogging the majority of it ! I'd find that very hard to handle !

    • Mrs A caught the bug herself a long time ago. Seems she has a pair of Mod Shoes for every day of the year by now... :-)

    • Trust another Mod to say those words! ;-) I'm surprised the missus hasn't kicked you put saying such things... LOL!

      If you and I were married, words like that would be an unspoken law...

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    • I got that very same Benny. Well.... a few sizes up I suppose... :-)

    • A top face... I suppose ;-)

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