• Pure class Bec x

    • Me or Pat? Don't answer that, Al... I know it's a draw! ;-)

    • stunning! Love the bag as well (not for me, though :-)


    • Thanks Martin! It was around 30C when I left Ballarat that night, that when I got to the venue in Castlemaine (an hour away), it was still 30C. On our way home, it was raining! ;-)

    • Really spot on, Bec!

    • Yeah i second that !

    • Cheers Kai!


      They are little white Mary Quant-esque daisies on the top collar! Miss Pat actually commented on my bag about three times when I approached her backstage later, as my phone battery was dying... ;-) She did a couple of Aretha songs too, which she didn't do in May and did her justice!

    • In fact I'm a little envious. Not because of the dasies, but because I'd love to see P.P. once in my life... :-D

    • Oh go on admit it !  You like dasies !

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