• Class!

    • Cheers Kai, Lord of the manor with his terrier...Ha-ha

    • Looking sharp Alan. Those ‘dress down Fridays’ really go over well oop north. I’m sure you were extra careful in that green shirt. ;o)

    • Absolutely Steve, even matched it with olive green jacket and khaki green trousers, just to really push my luck ;-)

    • Lol push push struggle lol

  • One from the recent, Troon Mod weekender, with Mr Ahland.3164811543?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • The Likely Lads? No. The Odd Couple? No.

      One of the best things about being Mod is that we are a global phenomenon and you boys show that, even when you both get together with Chris! I am lucky to have you all in my life... from a distance! Hope to see you this November!

    • Wish you could make it over here in Mid November for a weekend, Bec... some friends from the Glasgow Mod scene will be over for Nick Waterhouse and probably some good clubbing afterwards...

    • Looking good guys and that is one sharp jacket Alan, big fan of the top button. 

    • Cheers Steve, possibly my favourite piece of attire, at the moment ;-)

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