My Dress of the day!

We are all hooked on clothes and talk about them here. It is one of our fave passion, so to complete Ms Mod Goddess "what i bought today", let's express our daily dress!

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    • I like the jacket... it's rather unusual for you not to point out the shoes...? ;-)

    • Yes  you're right Kai. I was wearing dark brown loake Chelsea boots. From our favourite shop.  I have posted them long ago on here   I'll have a look. With summer over the blazer will be put away now I fear. 

    • Ah, suede ones, certainly?

    • 3297726641?profile=RESIZE_930xThese Kai.

    • Yes, nice!

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    • Smartest dog walker I've ever seen.

    • Class!

    • Looking sharp Alan. Those ‘dress down Fridays’ really go over well oop north. I’m sure you were extra careful in that green shirt. ;o)

    • Lol push push struggle lol

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