• 3748742067?profile=RESIZE_930xOff to the club on a cold day.
    • Nice SR, I have always liked the country gent look, well done Sir.

    • Nice, SR. That's what it's all about- attention to detail. 

      Freezing cold here tonight- a pair of gloves is long overdue, I think!

    • Thank you. It's been below zero the last couple of days. The gloves are unlined peccary leather, so not the warmest. It's ski gloves walking the dog and a wool Norwegian hat. 

      Christmas decorations going up today.

    • Peccary gloves are available with cashmere lining SR, ideal for cooler weather, they aren't cheap though....obviously.

    • Yes I have a dark brown pair that are cashmere lined.  I have posted them before. Yes they are expensive,  but nice things are. 

  • As the summer is ending here quite quickly I thought a blast from the past pair of italian DNAs should not go without a mention. 10 years old! Bravo Claudio! Saluti!3645276492?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • They look nice and comfy Robert.

    • I like the jacket, Alan, don't think I've seen that before!?

    • You have Kai, wore it at Glasgow 2017, in Blackfiars, it's a gingham seersucker, in a pumpkin colour ;-)

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