My Dress of the day!

We are all hooked on clothes and talk about them here. It is one of our fave passion, so to complete Ms Mod Goddess "what i bought today", let's express our daily dress!

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  • Light as a feather wool-silk-linen glen check suit. 


  • 6961013677?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Lightweight parka

      striped T

      faded jeans 

      adidas SL72 vintage trainer

    • Noce to see somebody's still shaved and neat despite this Covid mess, hahaha!;-)

  • 5047135501?profile=RESIZE_930xWhen you finally feel old enough for a pair of Wallabees...

    • Steady Kai, I've been wearing them for years. Oh yeah......🙄

    • I'm with Steve, I've been wearing them for an age

    • Believe it or not, Harry, I wondered about your whereabouts only yesterday... nice to hear from you!

    • Thanks Kai, that's very cool of you, I'm around.

      I look in all the time, I miss the old days on here, my pals from Glasgow and all the old guard.

      its fantastic to see you still carrying the torch brother ;-)

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