My Dress of the day!

We are all hooked on clothes and talk about them here. It is one of our fave passion, so to complete Ms Mod Goddess "what i bought today", let's express our daily dress!

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  • 8528828680?profile=RESIZE_930xNo where to go!
    • Hopefully not too long before we can get out for a few rums SR

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    • Like the top pocket flap detail Kai. 

    • I've bought from Mike before. He always has bargains! ;-)

    • Time for Christmas Jumpers already?

  • 7895297074?profile=RESIZE_930x

    My weekend starts now. It's a pity that with a book like this, I have nowhere to go and dance. :-(

    Black Review Australia top with foldover collar, black Jacqui E capris with sheer stocking underneath, 1960s, Mod, black/off white go-go boots by HiBrows as worn on Hullabaloo...

    • Fabulous as always Becc x

    • Great pic Becs. I love that chair, your book, your outfit and possibly you. Also your boots are fab!


    • Great picture, outfit and chair Becs; you look like you just stepped out of the book, love it. 

  • Light as a feather wool-silk-linen glen check suit. 


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