My Dress of the day!

We are all hooked on clothes and talk about them here. It is one of our fave passion, so to complete Ms Mod Goddess "what i bought today", let's express our daily dress!

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  • Festive party rig. Details on the blog ...


    • I like it! Is that your 'Penfold Hearts'?

      Keep 'em coming!

  • There are 6204 members of this site. Me and Becky can't be the only COVID survivors. Come on people let us know you're out there eh?


    • Sorry I haven't been posting much. Still organising my unit.

      We just came out of our 6th Lockdown whilst those in Melbourne etc have two more days... I am not an anti vaxxer, but I am over it already!

  • I'm still here. Is anyone else? From this week, details at ...


    • Still here Rod!

      Been busy since moving house and trying re-arrange everything. Been to the V&A Mary Quant Exhibition in Bendigo... twice. I will upload photos later this week.

  • 8982615479?profile=RESIZE_930xJust trying to keep the place alive!!


    • Yup Rod -all very quiet -I'm hoping it's not a case of the second wave wiping everyone out .

      might be an idea to have a roll call --like at the end of Zulu ?

      Very smart as usual Sir .

    • Haha great idea!

      "McCloud I saw you - you're alive! Now off to sick bay!"😁

  • 8929235084?profile=RESIZE_930x

    Another summer suit. Details on the blog.

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