• Yesterday at a birthday party:

    - sky blue OCBD DNA shirt

    - vintage double-breasted blazer

    - navy Warrior Sta-Prests

    - navy socks

    - burgundy Peter Tschebull shoes

    - Tissot Watch

    - Too much alcohol (based on Rory Gallagher, haha!)

    • Looks great Kevin! The blazer is topnotch.

    • Thanks Ronnie!
    • Great combination Kevin; absolutely stunning jacket! 10 out of 10...

    • I agree, it is a nice jacket:-) And congratulations on winning the World cup, you guys:-)


    • Thanks Alan! The moment Babyface Götze came in, I had the feeling he´d do something to save the day!;-))

    • Thank you Alan! It was a tough match, I'd even say Argentina played their best match in the whole World Cup 2014, but we were lucky in the end.

    • Thank you very much, Kai, much appreciated! Actually I've only worn the jacket once before but the cut is pretty good, could almost be bespoke.
    • Summer´s a bore, with the little options it leaves you... glad when it´s over, tbh.

    • Yes, I agree Kai, I`m going out tomorrow night, with the lads, it`s a friend of mines 50th birthday. It`s quite hot in the UK at the moment, but I don`t want to go looking too casual, so it may be a DNA shirt, black slim fit trousers and my basketweave shoes, that shouldn`t cause me to over heat....................Ha-ha-ha. Like the colour of that Lacoste by the way:-)


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