• Just preparing to go and have my evening meal, outside in the sun, at our hotel in Italy, the tie lasted about 30 minutes, as it was still 33 degrees at seven thirty in the evening.

    Apple green shirt

    Green silk Italian paisley tie

    Off white Gap Khaki`s

    Basket weave shoes

    • You are looking slim there Al.
    • Haven`t changed much since being a teenager Carl, to be honest, I have to eat loads just to stay the way I am, some might say that`s good, but I`m not so sure, as soon as I feel off colour I lose weight rapidly, usually from my shoulders and legs first.

    • I can't wait for summer... I guess I must have predicted something with my 2015 Xmas message, re: Gap. Makes a change from white Levis, too!
    • Cheers Bec, yes I chose to take the Khaki`s/Chino`s, as they were a lot lighter weight and cooler than my white Levi`s.

    • Yes, very smart indeed, Alan! Long sleeves and tie quite daring though, what with the heat round the Med at the moment... ;-)
    • Cheers Kai, yes daring for about 25 minutes, then the tie had to come off, the heat was horrendous, even in the evening ;-)

    • Very smart Alan
    • Cheers Scott mate ;-)

  • A bit of a Spring came early to Ballarat today during Winter today... Time for a an early 1960's/Mod-inspired outfit during the day en route to visit an ill elderly former neighbour in hospital...

    Alannah Hill "Light Up My Life" dress, collarless jacket and matching bag (without chain strap)

    Sheer stockings

    Black, vintage Bruno Magli shoes

    White, vintage wrist-length gloves

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