• Last night at Paddy`s rhythm a go-go,

      Gold/Blue Tonic Mohair whistle

      DNA yellow striped shirt with white club collar and cuffs

      Falke socks

      Tan Barker loafers

      Light blue knitted tie

    • Absolutely tops, Alan, fantastic! I´m sure you had a great night!

    • That suit Alan! Wow.
    • Thank you very much gentlemen, yes Kai, it was a great night, I danced my little feet off :-)

    • Haha, hope you didn't lose your loafers out on the floor...!?

    • Fortunately not Kai, but you are quite close to the truth there mate, now that I have worn them in, they have loosened a little, so I had to use heel grips, otherwise someone would have been finding a tidy pair of Barkers all alone in the centre of the dance floor................Ha-ha.

    • "But I lost my shoes - out on the floor!"

      (Sung to the melody of Dobie Gray)
    • A great tune Ronnie :-)

    • Afterwards Alan reportedly did the "Barefootin' " ;-))
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