• Sorry for the lack of photograph

    Brown Ben Sherman long sleeve polo

    Navy JTG Sta Prest

    Cola Desert boots

  • Rain off and on this weekend dictated (or gave me an excuse) that I wear this vintage 1960's scootering top, along with those white gloves I bought a few weeks ago for my Sunday ride.. Beneath the jacket (not shown) is a Redbubble roundel T-shirt (that belongs in Mod Confessions!) and some generic bowling-style trainers (Not inclined to wear good shoes in the rain!)

    • Slightly resembling Steve McQueen in Le Mans there, Graham! ;-)

      Gloves look smart!

    • Thanks Kai, and you get a glimpse of the "comedy" scooter on the right - it's an LML, and I decided to dress it up and have all kinds of silly fun with stickers and wot not . The Lammy, however, needs no embellishment beyond the signature decals and the simple roundel on the flyscreen.

    • The whole outfit is really great, Graham, and matches the scooter's colors perfectly!

    • Very cool, I love the tie.

    • Thanks :)

  • Just testing out my skills as I finally figured out how to post within a thread (thanks SR!)

    From last week, all linen for travel ...

    • Very welcome sir. You have that smart warm weather look down to a T
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