• What I wore to work, Friday vs. Saturday. It went from 80 F (27 C) to 55 F (13 C) overnight. Gotta love seasonal change in the Eastern USA...

  • As I'm posting, here is a picture that I meant to put up last weekend of me going out to see The Vallures at my local pub. It was a great night.

     Ben Sherman, Jacob Alexander hand-made tie, vintage silk pocket square, Giovanni Testi suit, Flosheim brogues, Vintage Timex.

    • A cool look brother, l notice a nerf disc behind you a sniper perhaps
    • Well spotted comrade - a relic from one of the many bravely-fought Nerf wars that our front porch has hosted. Lol!

    • Nerf battles all around the world obviously...
    • I've gone down in a hail of Nerf fire in garden battles with kids, nearly scuffed my desert boots.
    • Fantastic, Graham! A stunning suit and you wear it well!

    • Actually Kai, the suit is several years old and you've seen it before, but I was more excited about the shirt and the watch, bothe of which were more recent aquisitions ..... I had wondered how the brown would work together with the suit, as it's autumn, and it's OK.

    • Looks awesome!

    • Looking sharp Graham ;-)

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