• Without the hat this bloke could be a Modernist. We didn't wear hats because our dads did. I never wear a pocket handkerchief. I hate fuss. We wore detached starched collars. We switched to paper collars because the starching was a bit of a business.

    In the Winter I sometime wear a Fedora with a suit or my Pea coat. I am older now than my dad ever was so I figure I can get away with it now.

  • It's coming to that time of year again. The Mod Generation Sharpest Dressed 2017. Who, in your opinion, has been the sharpest looking mod, this year?

    The Mod Generation Sharpest Dressed 2017


    • Harry 'Motown' Palmer, as usual. Can't be beaten! ;-)
    • Probably true Kai, when it comes to 'My Dress of the day' posts. I was thinking more outside the box in the bigger world of Mod style, such as Scarlett Baylis, Zack Stoneham, Katie Town, Scott Fraser Simpson, Darren Auzins et al. I personally believe Mod is about creativity and inspiration rather than beating or being beaten, more as a matter of individual tastes and opinions. But still as always, great to see, with Motown up there with the sharpest in my humble opinion ;0)


    • I have to admit that I have never heard of any of the people you have mentioned Gary so do not know how smart they are. A few people on here certainly know their stuff and know the score regarding looking neat. I would never say who is the smartest but for the sheer amount of gear my award would go to Aussie chic MG. She seems to collect even more clothes than Kai, and that is saying something. I know a lot of people buy a lot of nice stuff but do not feel compelled to put each item on the site so its hard to gauge these things as well.
    • mg gets my vote shes lòoks sharp.all the clothes she buys and makes such stunning outfits .wish my wife was into mod
      kai a very close second .he always looks sharp but mg just pips him to the post
    • Haha, thanks, Michael, very honoured, but obviously you missed all the posts by Harry Motown Palmer, Alan Sinclair or Graham Montague... ;-)
    • Who says I'm collecting clothes!?
    • I really do not know what made me say that Kai ha ha
    • Thanks for the compliments, Chris. I really do appreciate that. Although I am downsizing some of my thrift shop purchases, I am still building up a steady increase of vintage and modern-inspired vintage.
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