• Having another go at posting a better picture of last nights outfit as the picture was so bad. This one's not much, but it is better than last nights disaster :)

    Katharine Hamnett shirt

    M&S Blue Harbour V-neck - Navy

    Uniqlo Slim Fit Flat Front Chinos - Grey

    Clarks Original Desert Boots - Cola Suede

  • Black blazers all round Kai...mines a lightweight all wool Pronto Uomo with a Calvin Klein shirt (fine pinstripe but it didn't show up on camera) Lightweight wool pinstripe trousers (honest, they didn't show up either!) black Dexter brogues and a vintage silk tie and pocket square. (Citizen solar-powered watch not showing) PS the lint flecks are on the mirror, not on me.... must remember not to clean mirrors with bathroom towels - lol!

    • Looking sharp Graham, tie goes nicely with the jacket ;-)

    • Thanks for the feedback Alan and Kai....... that mirror is the bane of my life ( plus my prehistoric digital camera). And yes, the hallway is a high traffic area for a family of 5 and needs a coat of paint, but your'e both too polite to mention it - lol!~

    • I'd rather say I'm sitting in a glas house here and therefor am not entitled to throw stones, Graham! ;-)
    • Very smart Graham, like the tie! My blazer's a very dark navy btw, but that, as well, doesn't show in the pic... ;-)
    • Looking good Mr A, love the shoes, did you hire in a professional photographer for this pic, or is it an hidden talent of Mrs A, it`s just that the pose, back drop and ambience is, well, very good ;-)

    • Thanks Alan, in fact the pic was taken by my boy! I guess he really has an eye for it!
  • Hi guys, slowly adding to the wardrobe with a nice pre - owned Harrington by" Warrior" , a lovely dark blue, and paid 17.00 GBP ,well pleased  - plan to wear with ocbd and Fred Perry polos.Will be buying a black button down next , for an up and coming wedding,- wearing brogues, black pinstripe sta press with blazer ,tie and pocket square !

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