• Smart turn out Ronnie
  • Held a small "glögg"party for the closest friends and relatives last night (don't know the english word for glögg, think it's glühwein in german...basically it's spiced wine traditionally served heated with raisins and almonds for christmas). Having a four weeks old in the house it wasn't much of a binge for my part though. ;)
    Vintage blazer, vintage tie, vintage cufflinks, Dressman shirt, AoL PS, FilippaK trousers, Tissot wristwatch.

    • Very smart Ronnie :-)

    • Very smart as usual Ronnie though want to see pic of you after late night feed of your new pride and joy
    • Haha! I might just take you up on that, but remember that you asked for it then. ;)

    • Looking great there, Ronnie! Yes, it´s Glühwein; I heard it´s getting popular in the UK, too, especially in Birmingham with it´s annual german style Christmas Market. Had my share of Glühwein too, in the last couple of weeks, hahaha!

    • I love Glühwein but it's probably an aquired taste that you have to be brought up on. Been trying to introduce it to some of my friends from other countries, but they are just shaking their heads in disbelief.
      I had to google it now, and apparentely it's called mulled wine in english.

    • You look sharp Ronnie! What a nice blazer! Class!

  • Received my Gabicci burgubdy Jacket and the Maddox Street shirt.

    Ben Sherman Navy overcoat

    Sorry, same jeans and shoes on this pic!

    • Looks great Phil :-)

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