• Old Mod, casual.. Ben Sherman, 501's Bass Weejuns. In case your'e wondering, I'm standing like I wet myself due to a recent back injury, which is now healing, but still gives me "gyp" in certain positions.

    • Ok but I'd somehow feel naked without a belt, Graham.
    • Good call. As a rule it trousers have belt loops, then wear a belt.
  • And here are two at once from me. One ready for hanging out in the garden with family dear friends this friday and one out playing some records on saturday.

    Noname hat, Rayban Wayfarers, Fred Perry, Tiger of Sweden belt, vintage YsL trousers, Tissot wristwatch. Brown basketweave loafers not visible in pic.
    And before you ask: I am wearing the hat and sunglasses indoors just because I was on my way outside and wanted to take a photo first. ;)

    Penguin seersucker suit, AoL pincollar shirt, Amanda Christensen tie, vintage cufflinks, vintage belt, Tissot wristwatch. Dark brown leather brogues not visible in pic.

    • Thank you so very much guys and gals!

      Though actually it's my daughter Motown. ;)
    • Sorry Ronnie mate, the blue T shirt threw me. anyway very cute :-)

    • ...and she likes a bit of Blue Beat. Hence Ronnie sporting the Rude Boy look while carrying her around to some Prince Buster tunes :-D
    • Very Smart 

    • Nice Ronnie !

    • Now that's what I love see... casual-Mod look for during the day and all Mod for the night! Great photos Ronnie!

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