• Bit of a change-up from the last outfit I posted on here! I'm going to see psychedelic rock band Mystic Braves tonight, which gave me an excuse to bring out this glorious Madcap England shirt. :D

    (sorry about the excessive Instagram filtering, the lighting was terrible today and I had to fix it somehow, hahaha)

    • Luvit,luvit,luvit!

    • Thank you, Graham!

    • That's pretty slick - what are those shades ?

    • The shades are Zenni Optical #810012 with a 10% tint- I never leave home without them!

    • They're just right with the outfit, though.

    • Thank you!! 

    • You have style Paloma. The black and white give you a proper sixties ambience.

      Good to see you, Bettina and Becs posting. Believe me, the bands may have been male dominated by the guys, but it was the girls that set the pace in fashion.

      I don't know where the Brit ladies are, nice to see such an international Mod influence though.

    • Thanks, John! It's always nice to hear from someone who was actually there. 

      I think that there's an idea (propagated even by some within the Mod subculture) that Mod was always largely a male subculture, and that the girls were peripheral. But that's probably because, like you said, the bands were very male-dominated, and they're most people's introduction to Mod. And I agree, it would be very nice to see more girls posting here!

    • Paloma. in his book Folk Devils & Moral Panics written in 1972, Stanley Cohen wrote an academic  analysis of the Mod versus Rocker phenomenon . I have not read it but my daughter, who is a Mod and has a Doctorate in social history saw our exchanges and forwarded this photo.

      It was written more or less at the time, so is probably more informed than the efforts written forty or fifty years later by celebrity historians.

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