• Thanks folks. More a chance to show off Miles (Davis) my dog than anything else. The one and the same Al, he's getting bigger real fast.

    He is also an avid Jazz fan hence the name.

    Yes John, another unique canine personality as apposed to a replacement but I know what you mean mate, thanks ;0)

    Just the song I had in mind Graham… so no need to apologise hahah 

    • Great to see you bonding with man`s best friend Gary, my cousin had three boxers and lost two in eight weeks to illness, they have been looking for another one as a companion to the remaining big fella, and have tried rescue boxers, unfortunately it never worked out, but they bought this wee fella about a month ago and he seems happy with his big brother ;-)

  • Walking the Dog...

    Rayban Wayfarers

    Ben Sherman Knit

    Levi 501's

    Converse leather Chuck Taylors

    • Nice smart casual, and Miles looks great too Gary ;-)
    • Nice smart casual Gary, ideal for Dog walking and looking cool whilst doing so, He/She has soon grown up mate, I remember the pic as a wee puppy ;-)

    • Hell of a garden Gaz,

    • The 'garden's' so big I have to get the council to cut it for me Harryboy ;0)

    • Like Graham said - a very nice smart casual look! Nice dog too - I might have said it before, but I love boxers.

    • Smart outfit G. Is this dog the one to replace the one you lost mate?  How is he/she doing?

    • You got the lyrics all wrong Gary.... it's

      Mary Mac, Dressed in black,

      Silver buttons all down her back

      High, low, tipsy toe

      something, something something..........

       (sorry mate.......couldn't resist that! Nice casual smart Mod look)

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