• For my girlfriends birthday two days ago.

    -Merc (I know, I know) wine jacket with a bit of tailoring in the waist

    -Paul & Friends button-down oxford shirt and tie

    -Tie clip from either my grandfather or his father. Can't remember

    -Black jeans

    -Black Clarcks desert boots

    -Certina watch which I think might also have been my grandfathers

    • That all works well together Axel ..... nice touch, including the heirloom accessories!

    • Cheers, man. Really happy with how it worked out. It's nice to have had some stylish family members =P

    • Really smart, Axel.

    • Thanks alot Kai!

  • This strangely cold and wet mid-August weather prompted me to dig out this 5 year old FP monkey style jacket; nice casual, had been sadly neglected for a few years somehow... worn with beige Jeans and brown dessies.

  • Yesterday at a birthday party:

    - sky blue OCBD DNA shirt

    - vintage double-breasted blazer

    - navy Warrior Sta-Prests

    - navy socks

    - burgundy Peter Tschebull shoes

    - Tissot Watch

    - Too much alcohol (based on Rory Gallagher, haha!)

    • Looks great Kevin! The blazer is topnotch.

    • Thanks Ronnie!
    • Great combination Kevin; absolutely stunning jacket! 10 out of 10...

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