• Lovely Harryboy. Could do with a tie slide to tame that lovely Tommy Nutter though!

    • Cheers Andy. I never use a clip or the keeper loop on a tie. I don't even worry if the back of the tie is slightly longer than the front and often I'll pull the back of my tie to the side. When I'm casual I like the tie to be casual. Its an Italian thing. Not that I'm Italian but I like the way Italian gentlemen wear their clothes. Of course if I'm wearing a more formal suit I wear the tie formal. Still never clip it though or god forbid, tuck it in trousers (yuk).

  • Earlier this week on my lunch break, having a Billy Stewart moment. Tom Ford glasses, Linen jacket by Partenopea, Tommy Nutter silk knit, Pantaloni Torino S120 trousers, Stenstrøm shirt (Made to measure service), Oliver Sweeny belt, Lottusse loafers. Hair by Desmond at Atherton Cox.

    • Very smart and slick

    • cool as f...

    • Very cool, calm and calculated Harryboy. Mr Amies would have been impressed ;0)

    • Beat that...

    • Very smart Harry, like it a lot
  • Dressed to impress, even if all I did today was go to the record store!

    • You look fantastic.

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