• Well hello!
    Guess who´s still alive and doing quite well actually?

    • Er... Billericay Dickie?

    • Haha! Yes, him too.
      Heard he had a love affair with Nina in the back of his Cortina.
    • Looks smart Ronnie, nice to see you again :-)

    • Hey Ronnie mate how's tricks.
      Looking smart :-)
    • Thanks Alan and Motown!
      All is great. I've actually kept reading on here all through this "awaytime". Just haven't gotten around to posting much for some reason.
  • Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.......I wonder where the Vespas is. 

    March winds require a Harrington,  and it's probably not warm enough for an open necked shirt, but it's dry enough for Clarks Original desert boots.

    • Neatly practical Graham and it looks a lot warmer where you are, than where we are :-)

    • Yes, nice casual indeed, Graham! I´ll say it again, you´re living proof that being young at heart affects the overall appearance!

    • Thanks Kai. To my eye, it isn't a very smart look, but it certainly is what I am very comfortable wearing at the weekend. It's pretty authentic mod, and hardly differs from what I wore at 14 or 15.

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