• Another one of those garish 80's mod jumpers that Kai mentioned ...... and of course, Iv'e had this one for many years now, and it's a favourite. Mini-Me wanted to get in on the act as I was getting ready to go for a Saturday ride out, so here he is .... little Tyke!!!                             PS:- sorry about the socks - they clash with the sweater..... that's one for the Mod Confessionals thread.

    • I like the jumper ! Plus that's a very nice photograph !

    • I like that jumper - and I hope Mini- You knows what a cool dad he's got. My Mini Me, aged 10 now, accompanied us to his first mod related gig yesterday.
    • That's nice to hear Kai; I hope he will be going along to many more with you. By the way, I fixed my little  problem..... Aaaaaahhhh, that's better!

  • Been out to see Germany's top Mod band, Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen, right on my doorstep in Essen tonight.

    • Looking good Kai !

    • Thank you, Andy!
    • like the topcoat Kai; we used to call that a Crombie car coat.

    • Thanks Graham; it's a bit of a Skinhead look, but that might have to do with my very limited choice in hair styles, haha!
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