• Is it me or do people show much more cuff thesedays?  Never been a fan myself.  Personnel preference of course, that's all.

    • I always show my cuffs, too. I think you should always see cuffs and socks.
      • I always show them too, but it seems people show loads thesedays. Not a fan of showing socks unless the shoes are loafers etc...

    • One of the last times I posted here Johnny B complained my cuffs didn´t show, haha! Maybe I overdid it a bit on purpose here! ;-))

      • Don't get me wrong Kai, it's all up to what you like.

  • Day off with the sun out; so it´s premiere for my new seersucker blazer!

    • Smart Kai, I was a bit worried at first, as I couldn`t find this thread immediately, on the new style site:-) Thought Mr Hughes had done away with it.

    • Very smart, Kai! Is it a beige Seersucker?!

      • Thanks Kevin, no, it´s a classical white/blue stripe; picture is somewhat blurred, so maybe the colours come out a bit sistorted too...!?

        • Looks plain beige on my screen, haha! Wouldn't even look too bad!
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