• Off to play some records last friday:

    Vintage hat, Melka shirt, vintage knitted tie, vintage cufflinks, vintage Topman cardigan, Kostym trousers, Tissot wristwatch, Topeco socks and a pair of vintage basket weave loafers.
    Yep, I like my thriftstoring and eBaying. ;)

    • Thank you both! I already knew what to wear it with when I bought it, Alan. ;)

    • Actually wasn't sure about the cardigan when you first posted it, but it looks very good with the rest of your combination!
    • Cool Ronnie, nice shoes mate:-)

  • Any opinion s on finch hatton shirts anyone?
    • Look ok. but would want to see one in the flesh before I parted with my money. A little bit pricey at £63.
  • You look great Charlotte, interesting facial expression though :-)
    • Thank you :)
      And I know aha!
      I can't smile at all on photos so this is as close to looking "acceptable" as I could get. 

  • So my mother bought me this dress, it was supposed to be for Christmas but in preparation for an important assessment for my performing arts A level she let me have it early. 
    I love it so much :) 

    Excuse the typical phone selfie, I absolutely hate other people taking my photo for me.

    • beautiful dress, love the hair too.


      Congratulations on your grade.

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