• The cold weather is a good excuse to wear my new overcoat; I tried it with a white silk scarf, but it was a bit too dressy for everyday wear, so I found this matching hat and scarf combo.

    • Hey - love your new run around too Graham  - in the background!!! lol

    • Thanks Robert; it's sitting there while the engine is in for a rebuild.

    • I agree with Kai on this one! Love college-style scarves! ;-)

    • Like the scarf, Graham!

  • The devil is in the detail as rest say Liam nice to see someone young trying to be different from the crowd
  • Good Attention to detail Liam, it's fantastic to see a young chap so into his clobber :-)
    • Agreed, Motown, - more to the point, it makes a change from seeing us old chaps in this clobber!! Lol!

    • Lol your right there graham mate ;-)
    • Could add a small covered button above the split, about the size of a cuff button would do it.
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