• Just off out for my Christmas party...thought I take the photos before, as I'll be in no fit state later this evening :-)

    • looking good enjoy your night
    • Very smart Steve, enjoy your night out mate :-)

    • Really smart.

    • Perfect, Steve. Mind your shoes then, later o!! :-)

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    • The tree is looking great Alan, love the couch too ha ha
    • Cheers Chris, I know how you appreciate my style of decor and furniture.......LOL.

    • I do indeed mate. Bit by bit pieces of your home decor are being revealed and it looks good. Your dress sense is okay too ha ha
    • I like them a lot Alan, top historical art juxtaposed with tasteful classy decor. I shall have to take note to bring this mad house of mine up to scratch.
    • Thanks Chris, I`ve always had a strange liking of old style period decor, the craftsmanship in those old manor houses is exquisite, it`s only natural that my decor reflects my liking of it. Maybe I was totally the opposite of what I am now, in a previous life, maybe I was a lord of the manor.......LOL.

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