• Actually Alan, that's a Department of Transport approved commercial repro, and yes, it is a scooter helmet. It looks a lot like the NATO helmets of the 70's and 80's. In fact, helmets are not mandatory here in Indiana and few bikers wear them; but I don't ride without one, and rarely go without gloves and over-the-ankle boots of some kind - responsibility for a family changes your perspective on these things.

    • I agree Graham, better to be safe than sorry,  I think I`d still wear one, whether I had to or not :-)

  • It's been a while since anyone posted on this thread, and so here's a pic of me going out for a ride this beautiful autumn morning before work.

    Nothing exciting or extraordinary...

               Kakhi "Pit" jacket (a-la-Jump-The-Gun's concept of whatever that might be) by Koto/Urban Outfitters - the close-up is to show the very good workmanship and deliberate references to the M51 parka

               Brown Covington turtle neck

               Well-worn Levi cords

               Brown Chukka boots (Also Urban Outfitters)

               and...... (wait for it.....) much coveted Old Bastards SC lapel pin (MEMBERS ONLY!!!! - lol!)

               Oh, and I almost forgot the Torc military style helmet and vintage brown leather gloves

    • That looks like a U.S Army issue Helmet Graham, are they legal to wear on a scooter in the States?? You may be mistaken for one of the Black Widows, "Feared throughout the land". Saying that, sensible scooter wear mate, good to see you keeping the thread alive ;-)

    • Agree completely with Alan - sensible scooter wear, yet still smart enough to not become biker wear. Well played!
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    • Cheers Motown, appreciated mate ;-)

    • Ingenious way of not admitting that the missus has locked you in the cellar and won't let you go down the pub Al.

    • Ha-ha-ha, you have me sussed John ;-)

    • ... and I thought for a second you even had carpet on the cellar stairs, haha! Casual but very smart, Alan!

    • Thank you Kai, pretty much dressed for the occasion without realising it (Country Vet style).

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