• William Morton recently started two on white Levi's on older mods and another on belt width with jeans . So since I put this lot together today (one of my favourite late spring/early summer combo's) this one's for you William. White Levi's (on considerably older than 50 yrs. mod) navy Fred Perry Timex Weekender watch blue patterned wool socks and navy Florsheim penny loafers Oh, and the belt....... well, the width exctly fits in the loops, but TBH the buckle owes more to a sense of the ridiculous than a sense of style (now Iv'e said it, none of you lot have to - lol!)

  • Having another go at posting a better picture of last nights outfit as the picture was so bad. This one's not much, but it is better than last nights disaster :)

    Katharine Hamnett shirt

    M&S Blue Harbour V-neck - Navy

    Uniqlo Slim Fit Flat Front Chinos - Grey

    Clarks Original Desert Boots - Cola Suede

  • Black blazers all round Kai...mines a lightweight all wool Pronto Uomo with a Calvin Klein shirt (fine pinstripe but it didn't show up on camera) Lightweight wool pinstripe trousers (honest, they didn't show up either!) black Dexter brogues and a vintage silk tie and pocket square. (Citizen solar-powered watch not showing) PS the lint flecks are on the mirror, not on me.... must remember not to clean mirrors with bathroom towels - lol!

    • Looking sharp Graham, tie goes nicely with the jacket ;-)

    • Thanks for the feedback Alan and Kai....... that mirror is the bane of my life ( plus my prehistoric digital camera). And yes, the hallway is a high traffic area for a family of 5 and needs a coat of paint, but your'e both too polite to mention it - lol!~

    • I'd rather say I'm sitting in a glas house here and therefor am not entitled to throw stones, Graham! ;-)
    • Very smart Graham, like the tie! My blazer's a very dark navy btw, but that, as well, doesn't show in the pic... ;-)
    • Looking good Mr A, love the shoes, did you hire in a professional photographer for this pic, or is it an hidden talent of Mrs A, it`s just that the pose, back drop and ambience is, well, very good ;-)

    • Thanks Alan, in fact the pic was taken by my boy! I guess he really has an eye for it!
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