Neds - the movie!

What the hell?!? Yes there's is indeed a Neds movie - and it's set in Glasgow - in the 70's - and the so-called neds look more similar to mods/rude is scary indeed!  Peter Mullen of Trainspotting is the man responsible:

It's mentioned here:

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  • I believe the film is set, or at least starts off, in 1972 - so that may explain the styles - but were these guys being called 'neds' at that time?

    It's being shown next week at London Film Festival so I'll try to get to see it...
    • The first time I ever heard of the expression 'neds' was in the late 70s. But I suppose you do not pay much attention to such things when you are very young so it may have been in use in the early part of the 1970s too.
    • snobby gay neds cause they hang about places that have tree lined pavements and hang aboot the park at night aye definately gay snobs,must be fae cranhill haha,or somewhere along the edinburgh road .
  • Did not know about the film being made. But by the looks of it PM is trying to recreate the early 70s skinhead/suedehead look that was then in fashion. Unlike the early 80s Oi boneheads the early 70s skins that went around in Glasgow had mostly semi crew haircuts. I can remember very well seeing the big gang of skins going around in Sighthill and Easterhouse around 1972/73. I was only eight at the time and was too wee to get a pair of Doc Martens but I did have the stay press trousers, harrington and button down shirt. The Monkey boots did not quite match the rest of the gear right enough.
    • I can remember in Wardie Road in '76 the Skinheads with the Droogs look from A Clockwork Orange, Pretty feckin' scary for a 12 year to see, 8 of them dressed exactly like the movie.

  • I knew this was being made, it's based on Peters gang days, looks good despite the name.

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