Need help for my wedding...

After spending hours on internet looking for a decent suit for my wedding in july, I almsot gave up but maybe, you can save me!

When my best half and I talked about our wedding for the first time, I immediatly thought of this JtG suit:

I need a 40 short for the jacket but unfortunatly, they don't have this size anymore (I called them, hoping they would have this size again before this event, but no, this saize won't be available for a long time).
I'm a 38 chest and a 30waist.

Can anyone help me to find a good suit, in the same colour with the same details in mohair blend, PLEASE?

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  • Oh, I forgot.......A thousand Mazel Tovs to you both!!

    • Thank you a thousand times :)

  • Maybe not much of a help since I do not have any experience with the other suitmakers discussed here, but anyway:
    I got married in one of AoL navy mohair suit (with added waistcoat to make it a three-piece) and have only good things to say. About quality vs price rate as well as service.
    They are rather long as the others have already stated. I went with a 38S after recomendations from Adam and it fits more like my 38Rs from other makers.
    • Hi Ronnie, Many thanks for your review. I was pretty interested in AoL But as you (and Alan) mentioned, the jacket is longer and the trousers opening are larger, so I don't want to bring my suit to the tailor when I receive it :/

    • Oh, and most importantly: congratulations to you both!
    • And Thank you Ronnie :D

  • My heartfelt congratualtions to you boht Phil! Hope you have a very happy life together! I don't know if this helps, but you could try this:

    I'm not sure if anybody on here has tried them.

    • Hi Bec :)
      Thank you for your congrats, and for this link!

      I really would like to have some review about the quality in Mod Shopping.

      I took a good look on this site: Suits seem to be not too bad and there's a affordable Bespoke section, so it could be very interesting but I would like to be sure about the quality as the result is much important! ;D

    • How much time have you got, Phil? I'm about to order a semi bespoke blazer there, but it will take at least two weeks for it to arrive.

    • My wedding is in early july, Herr Kai ;) So two weeks waiting is ok for me, thanks!

      Oh just saw that bespoke is in Thailand...

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