Good Morning Community,

I need to publish a scooter related question I'm thinking about a couple of weeks now.

Within the early 80's Mod Revival Phase in Germany I owned a Vespa. Unfortunately my father sold a couple of years

after I left home. Since 8 month I work in Italy close to Turin and became aware of the good old early 80's because you

can almost on a daily base see a new 2013 Lambretta vintage style and also the new 2014 Vespa Primavera and Sprint launched this spring time.

In principle I'm a modernist and never looked back only to the good old times but I'm close before buying a Scooter after a long time ago.

Unfortunately the new models are all ,,automatic,, versions. Only alternative for me would be

to buy an old one (80's prefered) and maybe restore, but I',m sure that I will not have time for. What does community think about the new models freshly

launched to the market, ,,No Go,, ?

Cheers Tobias

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  • Thank's Ben it's a pitty I had a nice Vespa PX80 and based on stupid german law for a 125 I have to go back to driver school, which costs a lot by the way.... will see and make the best out of it. .... Maybe ask to become an Italian or ignore :)
  • move witht he times Tobias,new scooters e.g Piaggio beverley 300 are way better than the clapped out Lambrettas we used to ride and poorly scoots mean you can concentrate solely on where you are going rather than attempt to brake a shift gear at the right time when negotiating hazards and bends can make anyhting look good with a custom paint job.

    However for a classic and reliability i would go for a Vespa px 200 or 125

    good luck!


  • Hello, yes of course they will keep it, but unfortunately I forgot to explain that in Italy you need meantime a specific motorcycle driving licence for a 125ccm as well which I do not own. During the early 80s and since a couple of days also in Italy you can as a german only drive a 50ccm without any or a car driver licence. As far as I know PX are only 125ccm ?. What do you think in general about the new models ?
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    • Tobias, I see no reason why a "modernist" wouldn't be OK with a current version of a classic style. It seems a contradiction in a way to say "I'm a Modernist, but I look back to the good old days". As for technical or driving preferences; that's another thread; some riders just don't like automatics, and some love them.

      Perhaps some of us older members may have reasons (nostalgia for one) for riding "clapped out" machines, and that's OK, but I would like to see more young mods being exactly that...Mods......not antique restorers or social historians. Personally, I considered one of the newer Lambrettas, but they haven't arrived here in the USA yet as far as I know. Incidentally, I too had to take a test for my 150cc scooter here , even though I had done so in the UK.

    • Hi Graham, absolutely my thoughts as well ,,how can I be a modernist and only look back,, neverhless I'm not a fan of automatics, I guess I will have a look again and will finally put a picture of my decision within the forum :))
    • Hi Tobias. Just this morning I was thinking about the redundancy of the term "modern day Mods" and the phrase "current day Modernists came up. Although I am an older, mod, I recognise the importance of living in the present. The safety advantages alone of a current day model over a vintage scooter alone make sense, especially if it's the first one you have ever owned and learned to ride; pedigree is of lesser importance. Maybe if you get hooked, you can trade it in for a TV200 at a later date. Just common sense my thoughts, (sterting to sound like my own dad) and I'm anything but the expert in these matters

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