I've recently gone of all my Fred Perry polo's what I have paid a lot for over the years, I am currently selling them, but I don't know what brought this on, Are the a bit too casual for mods or is it something else. I see a lot of scruffy people just wearing Fred Perry that puts me of and also it seems anyone one who owns a Fred and a pair of desert boots fancies them self a mod what just isn't the case. 

So recently I've geared more towards the 60-70s sports wear range, the stuff isn't as slim as modern but the quality seems better and the inside label is just nicer all quite simple too, also knitted polos have caught my eye recently similar to john smedly but not as expensive, just will quite large collars, These seem a lot more mod to me 

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  • depends who is wearing the FP and with what,we used to wear them with Sta-Prest and blue jeans and we thought they looked ok,not sure if onlookers agreed with us though!!!

  • Still very partial to the limited edition FP waffle polos - not so keen on the pique high street FPs though

    a. don't want to wear the same thing as half the new divs on the block
    b. They areI find they are scratchy & uncomfortable & hang like a tent (much prefer slimmer fitting soft cotton polos by John Smedley, William Hunt, Original Penguin etc or decent italian vintage numbers)

    Ian B

  • Yeah I hear what your saying but brutus do it quite a lot with the skinhead thing but it still appeals to a lot of people, that should be another topic to talk about ben sherman heritage vs brutus trimfit  

  • True say that, That may happen with me, sell them all then regret selling all of them aha 

  • Hmm maybe I just want a resolve on what people think on Fred perry as an over all thing like are they too casual to fit in with the mod scene or is it a staple that should always be part of it 

    • I think we have had the same discussion very recently mate, with the expected predictable responses. Some people think they are passe and are not what proper Mods should be seen in, others think they are smart and do not care if other Mods look down on them. A similar discussion could have been seen in 1980 or 1981 if there was such a thing as the net. They say the only constant is change, but some things go round in circles.
  • Yet again something based solely on opinions, and something that will have admirers and detractors. If you feel better (and more Mod) by ditching your Fred Perry tops that is all that should matter. The chances are high that similar to the post on parkas or auto scooters you will have a divided house and no ones opinions will have altered one bit after its conclusion.
    • I don't like the way FP uses mod to market their products, kinda makes them uncool for me.

    • Don't like things like button down collar or big logo but to be fair been wearing for more years than care to remember and still think they look smart
    • Fred Perry is ingrained in Mod Fashion, I have some new and old, thankfully my new ones I can't fault the quality. I will always wear them regardless if some Mods don't like them anymore. If you wear them in the right context they still look good. Gotta show the Skins Mods wore them first. Agree you see Normal Normans and Casual type Mods wear them which lessens their appeal.

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