New member and new to the Mod scene

Hi everyone

As the title says I'm new to the forum and new to the mod scene. 

It's probably been asked on here many times before but I need some advice on what jeans I should be looking at wearing. I've been looking at buying some Levis but not sure which style to go for? Read a few things and from what I can gather 501's and 511's are the ones I should go for. I want a pair that arent to baggy looking so slim fit are what I think i should purchase but when I tried a pair of 511's on recently I wasn't sure if they were to skinny? Not tried any 501's yet but wonder if they'd be to baggy looking to wear with a slim fit Fred Perry polo and my new Harrington jacket I've just bought. Got some nice new desert boots as well so something that would all fit together with them will finish my new look off.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and apologies if this is a usual newbie question.


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  • 501's first, second, and last imho.

  • Regular straight Levis 501's are still the best looking blue jeans you can find.
  • Hi Gregg, welcome! I like 511's personally but all the advice you have had here is spot on. Another brand to consider are the Uniqo slim fits, particularly the ones in Sevledge (spelling?!) which are great value and fit, and look good with smart dessies...
    • I agree Mark - 511's have a nice Mod cut. These days, young Mods no longer buy new Levi's that are so thick as to be unwearable, then wear them in the bath to shrink them on. So the current flimsy ready-to-wear 501's don't have the same look as the old ones used  to. Just my opinion though; I'm open to other takes on that, as it's partly about body type.

  • How about not going for jeans, like everybody else. But instead going for a smart Mod look instead? Ask three members what smart looks like and get four different answers mind you lol
    • Well said Snow....Gregg don't limit yourself to 501/511s, I have other number Levis will post later that are a good cut, straight cut not skinny. Skinny jeans are not really a Mod look. If you like the skinny look jeans and can pull it off do it, I have one pair in Red(Not Levis) I wanted the colour and couldn't get red Levis I liked.

      Try Lee Cooper jeans they are quite a skinny cut. I don't know if Brutus jeans are still around could be another option, the ones I used to have were a bit loose like 501s?


    • I just wear what makes me look good and what fits me comfortably. I wear jeans when Im dressing down, but I still wear a polo or a nice T-shirt. I like the skinnys, but not the ones that look like they're painted on me. Ive always had a pet peeve about the fit around the leg and ankle. As long as I can cuff them in one fold over my martens boots Im Ok with it. If they stick out too much, I usually alter them myself.

    • Cheers! Yeah I don't really like skinny jeans so am looking for something slim but not too baggy. I want to turn them up at the bottom so they sit just above my boots and it doesn't look right with skinny jeans imo.

      Had a look round this forum and a few people have said not to just look at Levi's so I'll just have a good look round some shops at different brands. Someone mentioned Lee jeans.

      Got a few shops near me that specialise in Mod/scooter boy clothes so it'll give me an excuse to buy some more new clothes!
    • Most Mods will wear some Jeans sometimes(Warm and practical on a Scooter)

      I have 2 pairs of Levi 751+752, straight cut not baggy or skinny, hav a look for them?

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