new on here


I'm James from Dunfermline Fife, would like to introduce myself and see if there are many people from East central Scotland.

new to the scene but into The Who, The Jam and The Small Faces

No Scooter as yet, aspiring to get a Vespa  

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  • Welcome to MG Terri & James, its nice to meet you both.
    There's of wealth of mod knowledge on here and everyone's very cool so don't be afraid to get involved. Looking forward to your contributions guys :-)
  • Not so sure how things are over in Fife, but there used to be a great Northern Soul night in Glenrothes. Once you get a scooter you can always join a scooter club, if only to meet up with some people who can gve you the run down on things that may be of interest to you. There are always loads of things happening in Glasgow but it is a wee distance away from Fife.
  • Hey, same here, new to it all.
    Getting back into the scene. Saving like crazy for a scoot. Will get there 1 day I hope
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