• I have a mate called John Butler and his brother Steve, I may call upon one if them Chris.....Ha-ha

    • Just a pity there is not a Stan Butler in the family Al, or if you wanted to stay on the Right Track a Billy Butler ha ha

    • I used to have Rocker mate called Blakey... and yes, he worked in Public Transport. Bald head, but no Hitler moustache. Lol!

    • Its an old 1970s sit com joke Kai. Just like the sit com in question though, its not that funny ha ha

    • What the eff ARE you on about, Chris...!? 

    • I can just imagine some people wondering...what the eff are they on about ha ha

    • Yes shame that Chris, though I would have been inclined to also have a mate called Blakey......Ha-ha.

  • In the same boat atm

  • Awwww cheers guys, its nice to get invited in :)

  • I'm new here, have no friends into this either. Be nice to make some
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