• hi how are you doing, 

    • I am certainly doing very well Terri. I hope everything is good with you and welcome on board. It will be great to see you contribute if you feel up to it. It is mostly a very friendly site with mostly really good people on it so please do not feel intimidated to join in with any of the discussions.

  • To everyone who is new on here I would just say to join in on some of the posts. It is a good way to get to know people. Everyones view is welcome and it would be great to hear other perspectives rather than just the few who usually comment.

    • Totally agree Chris, it would be great to have fresh blood on here. I think there's probably loads of silent MG readers who'd like to contribute.  If that applies to you please jump in on any thread you'd be made very welcome :-)

    • I think (and hope) you are correct there mate. There is certainly an awful lot of people listed as being MG members but for one reason or another most do not join in. As Kai was hinting I hope the regularity of our posts does not put people off. I know Kai put it another way ha ha

    • Maybe we're intimidating old farts, hahaha. No, I think we're alright... :-)

    • I would like to contribute more Chris, but I can,t get a word in because of you and Kai.........Ha-ha

    • Sorry mate I will shut up. Anyway, i have missed all the photos of your estate you used to put on ha ha

    • Not at all Chris, I look forward to posts from you and Kai, yes I haven`t posted any pics of my humble abode for a while, my camera gave up the ghost and I don`t carry a mobile phone ;-)

    • I know you are not that sort of landowner but could you not get one of the butlers to do it mate ha ha

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