• Just taking it a bit out there and off the 'music-clobber-scooter' triumvirate for a moment. This is my kind of summer fun, yeehaa! If nothing else it will keep me cool ;0)

  • As Carl asked me to post his pics on here, there you are: CCC (Cool cat Carl) and his scoot, smart as...

    • Nice one Kai. And the scooter looks absolutely fantastic Carl, plus you look the part on it too.
    • Pure class Carl and the scooter's a proper "Solid" looker mate. I love the black and yellow livery. (Topman Kai, thanks ;0) 

    • You are aware it's pure BVB, Borussia Dortmund, where Jürgen "Kloppo" Klopp came from, aren't you, Carl! Lovely colour combination!

    • I know you've pointed that out recently to me but from BVB to Liverpool FC can't be a bad combination.
    • I LOVE it!!!

    • Nice one Kai, are a lifesaver.
    • Pleasure! ;-)

  • The scooter from the Solid Bond video, and guess what, I've built it. I've wanted to do it for about 30 years. It's something l knew l had to do before l died.
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