• I know they are hideously overpriced these days and some feel they are also overrated, but wish I could afford a new one of these. I cleared out their website a few years back of quite a few G9s when they were getting rid of their old stock. Then proceeded to get absolutely hammered on a night out, fall over and tear a huge hole down the back of my black one! Idiot. 




    • The latter two are pre- ordered!

    • I shall be standing in a queue, with it probably pissin' down with rain, from about 4am in the morning on the 21st April ;0)

  • Always wanted a 911, childhood dream and at one point it was probably within reach, but sadly, due to a corrupt former boss, my decent livelyhood was cruelly taken away and now it`s now no more than an object of desire again. Until now, when the drunken owner of this one swapped it for my Fiat....Ha-ha.

    • The 1965 one must be affordable, being more than 50 years old... !?:-)

    • Still pay 20,000 or more for a good one Kai ;-)

    • A very nice guitar I would say Kai. To me they are like motors in that I can admire them to a degree but would never go gaga over them. I suppose it would maybe help if I was musically inclined but I have never been able to play anything. 

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