• The kick in the teeth is how much decent MGBGTs have risen in price. I nearly bought a Lambretta S3 Special the other day Gary. Lol I'm totally a Vespa guy too. I just got this Lambretta itch I might be forced to scratch. Does anyone know anything about parrspeed Scooters in Lancashire?
    • The Lambretta itch sounds like something serious that must seriously be looked after! :-D
    • I recently tired a Bristol made cure for my scooter ailment Kai. I'm beginning to think I'll have to try something from further afield, possibly Milanese lol ;-)
    • Anyway, it's surely Not healthy to leave it unscratched, Harry, haha!
    • The 'grey' pound is king at the moment. I was the other way round when it came to scooters and now I won't look even look at a Lambretta. It must be an age thing because I just love those big arses on em! Ha, ha, Vespa all the way mate ;0)

    • There's no disputing the derriere of the Vespa, It's delicious ;-)
  • This new desirable Italian wristclock maker, has the sartorial savvy that is well worth looking at.

    The Plano whiteface being my fancy. This would go beautifully with a spearmint Capirari BD ;0)


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