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  • The best of British - Morgan Aero8

  • 1960s Ford Mustang 

  • 1960s Ford Mustang

    • Hasn't the front end been modified on that Mustang Steve. It dosent look 60s stock to me.
    • Beautiful and very desirable classic cars Steve.

  • A winning lottery ticket
    • Lol! It would be the ruin of you Chris... Nothing sweeter (imo) than a worked for and earned desire mate ;0)

    • You are most likely correct on the first point mate. Wether good things come to those who go out and earn it is up for debate. There are certainly an awful lot of rich wasters in this country who did not get their wealth through hard work.
    • Your second point has some merit, Chris but I have to agree with Gaz. I know what you're thinking, but in my circumstances being chronically unemployed and coupled with a mental illness i(PTSD, social anxiety and clinical depression - all due to trauma) is not a nice feeling.

      There are people here in Australia like me who WANT TO WORK, but due to lack paid work experience on a CV, employers don't want to know you AND if you have the stigma of a mental illness. It may be PC of workplaces to be inclusive and preach diversity these days, but it's another to not even meet the potential employee with said mental illness and not even give them a chance. I went to a local Specialist school here in Ballarat on a CWA field trip to see these amazing young kids who were either mentally, physically challenged - or both - making things like deckchairs and feed troughs for the school's mini farm all with the assistance of the staff, of course. There were even a few learning how to take money, use the till and serve some delicious coffee, tea and cake and you know what? I almost cried in my tea cup because I thought "Here are these kids who have been given the opportunities to use and utilise some life skills and due to their handicap, an employer would not even consider hiring them, either... and I thought I had issues..."

      There are also people who simply don't want to work either, and it's not just because they've got the baby to look after either. Every fortnight, I have attend appointments with my local job centre (I have been doing this type of crap on and off for 13 f'ng years now) and if I don't attend these appointments without a valid reason, my dole could be suspended or withdrawn - and rightly so, especially if you are a serial offender. The government keeps saying they'll be tougher on such people, but it's a load of crap. How do I know all this? I have a"Job Plan" with my case worker at the job centre where I have"Mutual Obligations" I must fulfill and if I don't, the same thing could happen also. This "Job Plan" is essentially a contract between myself, the Job Centre and the government. My job centre - and all the other I have been to over the years - is for those suffering from disabilities and we have it a little bit easier than regular job seekers, and therefore, these places rely on government subsidies if they meet quotas etc. However, the "Job Plan" contract is, in theory, the same, but the only difference is the "Mutual Obligations". I have to find and secure suitable employment for 15 hours a week due to my situations. Others may have to do training or less or more hours.

      Rant over.

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