• What I was trying to say ( maybe badly) MG is something along the lines that you have drawn out. There are loads of people here too that are not interested in working or do not seem to be anyway. The catch is that they are probably all unskilled and if they were to be offered a job it would be on the minimum wage. Once they started to pay rent and stuff again they may well be worse off than being unemployed. There are some people who watch channel five programmes and have an opinion on the unemployed as all work shy, but the toss side of that is that we now have a system in britain that is seeing thousands of employed people using food banks every day, so working does not always pay.<br/>
      I genuinely feel sorry for people who want to get on by working hard. It is not easy getting on to the ladder to achieve that. By the sounds of it you come into that category and I hope things turn around for you. Anyway, it is a Mod site and I apologise about maybe politicizing things.
    • Don't apologise, Chris. I know the kinds of TV shows you mean. Politically speaking, I grew up working class and became semi-conservative in my young years. Not far right or anything extreme like that, but in my country, we HAVE to vote and I for one, am proud to do so. I consider myself to be a "Red Tory" or "Blue Labour".
    • Two of my ancestors were in Tolpddle Martyrs. Now that's talking politics!
    • I am a freeman of a sovereign state in a democracy with the power to speak, to vote and to give power of governance to the "servants" of the people. Many people are ignorant of this fact and that so many fought and died (horrifically) for this, against the masters. A fact that empowers and sets you free, the only power anyone has over you as a person, as an individual, is the power that you give them. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of intelligence, culture and education (ICE), not that I have any high degree of the former, only that I understand it's importance in moving forward in life thus making them desirable traits to have and enhance. The beauty is that with a little effort this knowledge is free!

      Once again, I am a freeman, with a free mind and a free will all the way to my grave ;0)

    • A waster is a waster Chris regardless whether they be rich or poor. It was a posted comment I found amusing and honest with no deeper meaning than that stated.

      I am no class warrior, politician or power monger, rich or poor. All I know is how my world works and live my life accordingly. Luck plays a serious roll in everybody's life, I just prefer to try and make my own and wish nothing but the best of luck to others ;0) 

    • Again, I agree and not once have ever played the gender card. I do consider myself a feminist in my own way. Not the "all men are bastards, burn the bra kind", either.
    • Fine sentiments Gary.
    • Haha, true...
  • Spearmint... Made in Italy

    • Yes, I got an eye on that one too... though only recently I bought a DNA Groove shirt of the same colour... anyway, beautiful!

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