• Indeed, Harry. Only Today I got in touch with a few people from "back then" which I haven't probably seen since 1986...
    • Hope its better than fire and skill box set.  Although I really only like the jam from allmodcons onwards.

  • Seen whilst walking in Monaco last week.

    • My mate has one, exactly the same as the bottom one, no the top one, but a hard top. Maserati if I`m correct, I have asked to borrow it once or twice, he politely told me to f**k off :-(

    • Yes indeed. He's a lucky chap. I don't think many of mine could afford the petrol, and certainly not the insurance!
    • Fortunately for him SR, he`s an academically clever lad, who started his own business years ago and is doing quite well, he lives the life and is even married to a Brazilian model, I hate him......Ha-ha.

    • That's absolutely gorgeous Snow.
    • They are lovely. And seen here in the correct setting too lol
  • I'd just like my old MGB GT on wire wheels back.
    • What colour was yours Harry?

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