• I'd just like my old MGB GT on wire wheels back.
    • What colour was yours Harry?

    • It was a 1970 black with wire wheels. Really miss it Gary.
    • I bet that was super sharp looking? I've been to quite a few classic car shows over the last month with all sorts, not seen a black MGB GT. Mostly red or the racing green with cream interior, I shall now keep an eye out for the black one. 

      While on the subject of sports cars did anyone watch the Silverstone F1 yesterday? Hamilton was just magic winning that trophy.

  • This new desirable Italian wristclock maker, has the sartorial savvy that is well worth looking at.

    The Plano whiteface being my fancy. This would go beautifully with a spearmint Capirari BD ;0)


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    Morgan Aero8

  • The best of British - Morgan Aero8

  • 1960s Ford Mustang 

  • 1960s Ford Mustang

    • Beautiful and very desirable classic cars Steve.

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