• It was a 1970 black with wire wheels. Really miss it Gary.
    • I bet that was super sharp looking? I've been to quite a few classic car shows over the last month with all sorts, not seen a black MGB GT. Mostly red or the racing green with cream interior, I shall now keep an eye out for the black one. 

      While on the subject of sports cars did anyone watch the Silverstone F1 yesterday? Hamilton was just magic winning that trophy.

    • Sorry Gary I missed your reply. Man it was sweet, rebuild using heritage shell. Absolutely gorgeous, just wish I still had it.
    • I'll bet you do Harry. There's what I call a 'ginger' (orange) MGB GT getting done up by a neighbour which will be good to see once completed.

      On the modern front the Mrs has had, a lovely jet black MX-5 (HT) with stainless steel trimmings for 10 years and is now lusting after the new MX-5 RF. I'm not a sports car person myself but have to say this one's a beauty.

    • The new MX5 is stuunning Gary, i had a lovely racing green mark 2, with BBS alloy spokes on it, black leather interior with walnut trimmings, i might have put the pics on here once upon a time. I only sold it two years back, again like Harry, i wish i still had it :-(

    • The kick in the teeth is how much decent MGBGTs have risen in price. I nearly bought a Lambretta S3 Special the other day Gary. Lol I'm totally a Vespa guy too. I just got this Lambretta itch I might be forced to scratch. Does anyone know anything about parrspeed Scooters in Lancashire?
    • The Lambretta itch sounds like something serious that must seriously be looked after! :-D
    • I recently tired a Bristol made cure for my scooter ailment Kai. I'm beginning to think I'll have to try something from further afield, possibly Milanese lol ;-)
    • Anyway, it's surely Not healthy to leave it unscratched, Harry, haha!
    • The 'grey' pound is king at the moment. I was the other way round when it came to scooters and now I won't look even look at a Lambretta. It must be an age thing because I just love those big arses on em! Ha, ha, Vespa all the way mate ;0)

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