• Now that was a pure magical place which I personally found much more impressive than, say, the Cologne- or St Paul Cathedral: The canteen of political weekly Magazine "Der Spiegel", designed and realized by Verner Panton in 1969 (been transfered to a Hamburg Museum some time ago). 

    • I like that a lot. Looks like something from Dr Who from the late 60s, or Austin Powers ha ha
    • Right Chris; I was thinking more of 2001 A Space Odissey

    • Good shout Graham, ever bit as applicable.
    • H.A.L. and his family...
    • Anyway, Chris, Fadime and I agreed we could have stayed all day, especially had the bar been n Service. It was Simon that got extemely bored after an hour or so, as you can tell if you look closely at the background on the right, hahaha!

    • Yip, he seems like he is having the time of his life Kai. I would not bother too much right enough. We have a lot of photos of our sons taken on holiday in Germany and Italy years ago and if you saw them you would think they were suffering from clinical depression. Any time we have asked them about it they always say they loved it. I just wish they had told their faces the same thing ha ha
    • The day before we'd visited the worlds largest model railway, Chris. I suppose our facial expressions were vice versa there, ha ha ha!
    • I can well imagine Kai. It is just one of these things that adults have to endure for their kids or grandchildren. Wether it is going to visit things that are extremely boring, or watching endless amounts of childrens tv, we have all had to put up with children enduced torture ha ha
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