• Ha ha ha Brain drain!
    • Yes Muslim Louboutin, jewish Louboutin (both not in pig skin though... ) and Hindu Louboutin. Next Spring sees the release of the orange 'Bhuddist Louboutin'! :-D
    • The hindu one's sound good because you could go to someone and claim they were yours in a past life ha ha
    • What about Atheist Louboutin? Then again, they don't exist... ;-)
    • But is it true that when you die, your sole leaves the body?
    • My Autumn Leaves.
    • Not if you get buried as a Mod, wearing your best Catholic Louboutins...
      Besides, Bhuddist Louboutins don't last long because they're not flame-resistant...
  • Image result for this is london the times

    Why must it be so hard to find in the shops, and so bloody expensive?

    Brilliant album from Ed and friends.

    • Good News for you, Matt; it will be re-issued early February on the german label Tapete Records; so will 'Go! With The Times'. Only 500 each!

    • Cheers Snow Runner, but it's a vinyl copy I'm looking for. :)

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