• I'm liking the look of these handmade Harrison, suede and leather shoes from Andy at Modshoes.

    • Those shoes look great Gary. I'm betting you would not get much change out of a tenner right enough ha ha
    • A few pretty pennies from the piggybank for these Chris, ha, ha. 

    • Yeah got an eye on the Harrisons, too. Just ordered another pair of shoes for Mrs A. from Mr Lindsay though, so will have to wait... :-(
    • That is a smart bit of furniture Gary. Very reminiscent of the old radiograms that were found in most houses for ages. To me they lookec like musical coffins ha ha
    • Cheers Chris. A walnut veneered Ruark R7 High Fidelity radiogram to be precise. A tasty bit of kit and a lot more slim lined than the old teak coffin that took up 2/3's of my bedroom as a teenager ;0)  

    • Yeah very much slimmed down mate while retaining some of that classic look. Very nice indeed.
    • Anorexic Chris, when compared to what most 1970's council house living rooms had in them. Ha, ha. This is as close to the caste off radiogram my mum gave me for my bedroom, after she got a new fangled japanese, Hitachi or Toshiba hi-fi stacked system ;0)


    • Brings back a lot of memories seeing one of those old radiograms Gary. We had one very similar to that for ages before getting rid of it. I think the radio part had broken and it was a big bit of furniture just to hold a record player, even if it could take about six records at the one time. Could not have been too good for the vinyl right enough.
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