• Of course Kai, nothing better than playing it. I on the otherhand, who can't play bass, would hang it up on the wall and stare at it, all day every day, ha ha.

      A great musical instrument, that I look forward to seeing you play ;0)

    • If I remember right, you used to play the drums, Gary...!?

    • Haha, maybe some day we'll form the Mod Generation All Star Band! ;-)

    • That would be so cool. Ill play in it. 

    • You're welcome, Duane! ;-)

  • I'm liking the look of these handmade Harrison, suede and leather shoes from Andy at Modshoes.

    • Those shoes look great Gary. I'm betting you would not get much change out of a tenner right enough ha ha
    • A few pretty pennies from the piggybank for these Chris, ha, ha. 

    • Yeah got an eye on the Harrisons, too. Just ordered another pair of shoes for Mrs A. from Mr Lindsay though, so will have to wait... :-(
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