• I have read loads on the subject Heather and Mark, including the Cohen book. It does seem to have been a perfect title for his book, as it summed up what happened. There was undoubtedly some trouble and a certain level of friction between the two groups, but it was reported as riots when in reality there were a few skirmishes. And I do know what you mean; it is sometimes frustrating when all people think about when they refer to Mods is the fights that happened at the south coast resorts in 64 and 65. Personally I blame those rockers, just wait until I get my hands on the b***** ha ha.
    • I think it really says something about the mainstream media & their portrayal of Mods. The fact that the only point of reference for them is the 'riots' says a lot.

      I was always a mod because i didn't want to be like most of the herd, and as the herd only know about 'riots', suits me fine.
    • Nice to read your responses Chris and Alex. You both make very valid comments xx
      C hris, we didn't have books on the subject back then. Mainly made it up as we went along lol.

      There has been an annual run to Brighton over the past few years which is called DECKCHAIRS AT DAWN. Not sure if it still happens now. The difference with this one is that Scooters & Motorbikes ride there together and the day raises money for much nicer eh? To give back to society that 'some' for them reeked havoc on back then. We've been on that run a couple of times and it's good to meet up with friends-on both sides of the fence- as it were.
      One year two of our friends that were organising the run, Steve for the mods and Roger-the rocker-who we know quite well too, also organised a race on foot along the beach against each other.
      Picture the scene if you will...two aging men, one in a parka, dessies etc and the other in a leather jacket and trousers and calf-length biker boots, racing each other complete with..........zimmer frames Haha!! Steve won...well what else would you expect ?lol. Roger claimed the race was unfair due to the fact that Steve could run faster as he had on dessert boots as opposed to his heavy biker boots. Lol. All done in good fun of course. I've got the video somewhere. xx
    • Hi Heather and Mark, I noticed you stay in the Essex area. My older brother, who has the lammy, stays in the Dagenham area. He's in the Specials Scooter Club - did you ever go to any of their events. They used to hold the East London and Essex Custom Show. I was there 2002 and 2003 (I think that was the years I was there)
    • Hi Mik. Yes we've gone to quite a few things with The Specials SC and been to Hainult to the Custom shows they have held too. xx
    • Hainult - is that the bowling alley? I think I was up there.
    • First off sorry guys I thik Steve and Rog had there race in Margate! Mark corrected me.

      Mik, Hainult is a place in Essex off the A12, near Romford- which is where I used to live actually-The East London and Essex Custom Shows were held at a big sports complex there. Outside stalls and the show was in one of the halls. The club that we are associated with had a display on a couple of years running. The club is called The Stanford Parkas. Do you recall The Patriots?, The Elms?, FAB? All local S.C.s that would support such events. xx
    • Heather & Mark I can just about get to Romford and back . To get to the specials custom show I drove up from Whalebone st/lane /road on my brothers lammy -it was practically a straight road - I've no idea where I was really. I also visited Ricki's Pit Stop Scooters and Steads when it sold scooters.

      My brother knew folk from the clubs you mention - I think I met a couple of guys from FAB one of times I was down there.
    • It's a Small World eh Mik? xx
      Yes, It's Whalebone Lane you would have used, then straight across at the big road junction on A12 into Hainult to the sports complex for the custom show.
    • Looking for old Mods & Rockers, Mik you could fit into both catagories ha ha
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