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Hi i recently became a mod but i live in a small place and as far as im aware there are no mods anywhere near i live so could someone give me some tips for either meeting other mods or "converting" my matescheers

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  • naw it reminded me of when he did death for halloween, thought it was another fancy dress thing, I know you lot love to dress up. First time I met you all I didn't know who was who the second time, remember Craig, was it him who did Austin Powers? That was a good night, two years ago now.
  • Scott I came back in to say that I knew that hahaha. He looks like Stuart Haye in that pic, or is that Stuart Haye in the pic, or do I really need to do something about these glasses?

    Look, I'm too old to get confused like that it could damage my kidneys or something hahaha
  • hahaha, I thought it was the other Stuart, Julie's man that was playing. Cool, this Stuart will be great. I'm a dope, can't help it I'm old :(

    Stuart, a bit of motown wouldn't go amiss mate
  • I'm sure it will be a great set Stuart. If its a lot of rubbish we won't be long in showering you with garlic and holy water ha ha.
    • come on April,the last time i fitted into a jacket that size(never owned a cape)was down at the winter gardens,blackpool about 89. big Haye only dressed like dracula cause when he got his teeth pult thats all the dentist could give him at short notice....hahaha.
    • I'm old and senile mate, ask your wife, she knows I'm daft in ma auld age
    • hey doll , the less ye cany mind the better..............
    • probabubbly haha
  • haha , aye been wonderin what to dig out ,think ill go with the trusted 'whatever comes to hand ' method
  • Yeah, welcome to the site Stuart. But I have to say I will make sure I am wearing a crucifix if you are ever in the company ha ha.
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