On the hunt for the perfect harrington jacket.

Hi everyone. Please excuse me if this is a douplicate post, and has been answered elsewhere on here... So I am on the lookout for the perfect harrington jacket. I'm having no luck at all. I keep looking at the typical sites such as ben sherman, fred perry, etc. But it seems that they're all a bit extremely small fitting from what I've read and most people don't like the quality and have ended up returning said jacket.  

Can anyone recommend a brand that actually fits well, and is nicely made.  I understand a lot of people will suggest baracuta, but I don't think I want to spend 500 bucks on a jacket.  Also please keep in mind that I'm in the USA.  I realize a lot of brands will be UK based.  Thanks for any help on this.

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    • Personally, for price and quality wise, I don't think one can beat Jump the gun harringtons, mine is certainly the nicest and best fitting one, that I have ever had :-)

    • Thanks brother! That one really does look the best out of all I’ve seen. How’s the sizing?

    • Pretty good I would say Specs, I wear a medium in almost everything, but my JTG Harringtom is size 40 and the fit is spot on.

    • Alright brother, I actually just bought the JTG harrington in black. Size 40. I'm hoping this works out. Cheers.

    • It's gonna be a snug fit, if you're a 40/42 Specs, like I said, I'm a 38/40 and bought a 40, I'm thinking you may have been wiser to have gone for the 42.

    • LMAO. This seems very complex haha. I'm thinking I'm just going to continue wearing my leather bomber jacket, and my MA-1.  I'm going to France this summer. Maybe I'll go hunt around then.

    • Might well be, provided I got the cash to spare and he's got something on sale, I might get a Baracuta from my mate Memos' shop towards autumn. Thinking olive green.

    • I look forward to seeing the Barracuta then Kai....Ha-ha.

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