On the hunt for the perfect harrington jacket.

Hi everyone. Please excuse me if this is a douplicate post, and has been answered elsewhere on here... So I am on the lookout for the perfect harrington jacket. I'm having no luck at all. I keep looking at the typical sites such as ben sherman, fred perry, etc. But it seems that they're all a bit extremely small fitting from what I've read and most people don't like the quality and have ended up returning said jacket.  

Can anyone recommend a brand that actually fits well, and is nicely made.  I understand a lot of people will suggest baracuta, but I don't think I want to spend 500 bucks on a jacket.  Also please keep in mind that I'm in the USA.  I realize a lot of brands will be UK based.  Thanks for any help on this.

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    • Hows the fit on the jacket? Is it super slim or kinda forgiving?

    • Thanks for the suggestion. This looks promising. How's the sizing on them? TTS? or do they run small, etc? Thanks.

  • Edit: I ended up getting a Harrington from uniqlo. Definitely not authentic, however it’s 50 bucks with decent enough specifications for the price. I’ll let y’all know how well it performs.

  • Jump The Gun. .

  • What’s your size?

    I’m selling my baracuta in ‘aviation blue’ (a kinda medium blue - slate gray colour). I’m in the USA too. If you’re not interested in mine barcutas do come up on eBay for a lot less than $500. I have a couple of Fred Perry Harringtons from End clothing (wait for their sales) which are very decent quality. 

    • Not sure how barabutas run... I'm between a 40-42 on suits. But I think I want a black harrington. In your opinion, do fred perrys run true to size, or did you size up?

  • Good luck with your search mate but you may have as much luck searching for the holy grail. As with most things your idea of a perfect harrington may be the polar opposite of someone elses. I have two Ben Sherman harringtons which I have owned for at least ten years and they are fine to me.  I am sure baracuta will be heads and tails better quality wise but I would not dream of giving them the money they go for. An alternative that may be perfect for you being based in the US is buying a second hand harrington from ebay or somewhere similar. A brief search usually throws up a lot of choices of traditional harringtions made in the US when they were in vogue. They may not be well known names nowadays but many of them look the part. I bought a cream coloured one last year that was made by Asos for not a lot of money. It is a traditional one that has buttons on the cuffs  and the quality is pretty decent. It is not perfect right enough but I personally do not think such a jacket exists.

    • I looked at asos, but I didn't understand sizing. Did you get yours true to size, or size up?

    • The one I got was a medium as are the two Ben Sherman one's I have. All three fit pretty well atm anyway although the Asos one is probably a more slim fit. I would say I am 39 to 40 suit wise so you would maybe go up from medium.

    • Thanks brother! That one really does look the best out of all I’ve seen. How’s the sizing?

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