On the hunt for the perfect harrington jacket.

Hi everyone. Please excuse me if this is a douplicate post, and has been answered elsewhere on here... So I am on the lookout for the perfect harrington jacket. I'm having no luck at all. I keep looking at the typical sites such as ben sherman, fred perry, etc. But it seems that they're all a bit extremely small fitting from what I've read and most people don't like the quality and have ended up returning said jacket.  

Can anyone recommend a brand that actually fits well, and is nicely made.  I understand a lot of people will suggest baracuta, but I don't think I want to spend 500 bucks on a jacket.  Also please keep in mind that I'm in the USA.  I realize a lot of brands will be UK based.  Thanks for any help on this.

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  • Anyone late to this post, avoid at all costs a Levis Harrington.

    I love their Jeans, I still on occasion wear my vintage denim trucker jacket and would like a red corduroy version. So I thought I'd buy one of their Harringtons. The sizing was a horrendous, and I tried on 3 sizes, I looked like a bag of potatoes. Needless to say I'll be getting another Baracuta.

  • Happy to see you posting Robert. All good here :-)

  • It has to be Barracuta. I have had mine..it costs a fortune for 8 years uk made and it looks like it rolled oof the seamstresses / seamsters wheel yesterday.

    • Hey Robert, good to see you back man.

    • Wow!! Welcome back Robert! Where have you been hiding?! :-D

    • Thank you both..Italy for a while is the answer ..back on Brexit island now...

      Hope all well!!!


  • Has anyone heard anything about the Ben Nevis brand? I read online their harrington jackets are good. I'll submit a link.


    Combat Harrington Jacket Black
    <span style="color: #000000;"><strong>Also Available in:</strong></span> <span style="color: #000000;"><span style="color: #ffcc00;"><a style="color…
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    • Haha I just posted about Ben Nevis. How's the fit on them?

  • Ben Nevis Clothing, they have been making the Combat brand of harringtons since the 70's. no difference to JTG, ive had both. i buy my Brutus shirts there and have been for over 20yrs

    • Hows the fit on the jacket? Is it super slim or kinda forgiving?

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