• flip, best of both worlds


    • I thought they shut down years ago Paolo.

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    • Same thing here - I wear both. For cityrides in good weather open helmet, for longer rides or when it's raining full face. I know that for safety reasons it would be a lot better to always wear a full face, but I just don't feel comfortable with how they look - except when riding my Lammy Silver Special which I actually thinks goes pretty well with my mattblack full face.

      To be honest I've been using the full face even less these last weeks since my transparent visor cracked earlier this summer and now I only have one that is toned dark. Pretty neat when riding in the sun, but it can cause some troubles when you're not sure what time you will be going home and the sun sets. ;)

    • Ahhh but spaceman wear full face and they still look cool.
    • Open face.

    • Saw an HA guy wearing a German helmet not long ago and he still looked ok, would you wear a helmet at all if you didn't have to?
    • LOL nice one Meteor. 

    • Shame the question even arises if drivers were more careful with riders would think most accidents would never happen (except Sunday riding power rangers and users of a certain company's whitewall tryes!!)

  • Well had a spill last week taken out by a council van on a roundabout, not at any speed but if I had a "cool open face" half my jaw would have been on the road. it is a personal choice but we should never put someone down that is wise enough to realise modern motoring unlike the 60's is bloody dangerous. For someone to name tag a biker or scooterboy for wearing fullface needs to grow up and they probably take there scoot out once a year for a polish!!

    • Spot on Wigan Bhoy. Some people couldn't change a spark plug lol. Anyway at the moment i wear an open ace and have done for years but i will be buying a new full face at some point to be worn when needed. Depends on many miles and how fact i'm riding. Motorway use etc'. I'm defo' not going to buy one that makes me look like a Power Ranger LOL. If i can find a decent one i like i'll buy it. 

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