Opinions on Paul Weller?

Whats your opinions on Paul Weller? I know many of Mods look up to him as the "Mod Father" but I personally don't. I mean, I love the Jam, And what Weller has done for the community but I feel as though hes given a little too much gratitude and a lot of others played second fiddle to him. Bare in mind this is only an opinion, and I'd like to see what others have to say about this topic.

Is there any other Artists/Mods that you look up to and inspire you the most?

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  • Paul Weller ?  Top song writer ,guitarist ,musician and mod .I rate Paul right up there with the McCartneys, Lennon's and Harrison's of this world and being a massive Beatles fan I do not make such a statement with out due consideration OK he,s a musical magpie , so were all the great song writers,. Bowie included, but it's not what you "steal", so much as what you do with it , and Paul's track record in respect of acheivment in the media of recorded music and the high regard in which he is held in by his peers adds credence to many peoples claim that Paul is one of THE greatest song writers to ever emerge from this country.

    Met Paul,s sisters Nicky and his mom,Ann, in Liverpool at The Jam exhibition , both signed my book and Ann told me as I left that Paul does appreciate his loyal fans , boy was I buzzing after that experience - exhibition was superb and nothing short of !

    • Spot on William

    • Well, I wouldn't necessarily put him on that level, but I understand what you mean. He's very inventive and experimental while always sticking to roots so as to not fly off and make something that's weird.

      I think that too many artists forget that rock is based on the blues and other genres. Few rock bands after the 60's consisted of kids who learned guitar by playing along to old blues or rock albums. At the same time, Weller experimented a lot. This balance is best seen, I think, in That's Entertainment when he uses a backward guitar solo similar to Tomorrow Never Knows.

      Weller's strongest suit is probably lyrics. Yeah, he probably is pretty close to the Beatle's in lyrical quality.

  • 90% of the time you can judge wellers music by his hair, the wedge onwards for the style council era meant shite LP s apart from a few singles till shout to the top then he came back with a good haircut and clothes until he started bleaching it and growing stubble and he's slowly gone downhill from there
  • sorry but for me, He's the perfect mod musician ever!!!!!

    • Agree !! Can't do wrong in my eyes part of my life since a teen at school. I connected with him straight away and still do 40+ years later. True legend not many around.

    • Jam great.

      style council good

      Weller grumpy.

      Lifes too short

  • I wasn't knocking PW's haircut so much as pointing out that he once had a oretty standard Mod French crew until about a decade ago when it became increasingly exaggerated to the point of being "caricatured" - that is to say that it is now an extreme

    example of the key features; long side-bangs, rat's tails at the back etc (changing all the time of course, like Paul himself) and I hasten to add that I like it, and I still have hair.......but you just try to get it cut that way-especially here in America. Last time I got my hair cut properly (about 3 weeks ago) I got whistled at in the Men's bog by a mexican building worker!! Same goes for Rod Stewart. Early on, he had a pretty exemplary French Crew, but now it evolved int a kind of Tina Turner buzzby ..... looks great on him, but no-one this side of Beverly Hills could probably pull that cut off. Ditto Davy Jones (AKA David Bowie in the 70's)

            Other inspiring artists - Amy Winehouse, Adele, The Jolly Boys


    • I hadn't realised this had turned into a hairdo forum lol!

    • Very good, dragon.

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