• Sharpest Skinhead is Dr Skazoid, nae doubts there, always original even if he looks like Harry Worth,lol!!! I knew a lot of smart dressed Skinheads in the 80's, Corker( R.I.P) was one of them.

    • Rubbish Mr Murphy, the smartest dressed skinheed ever was the Dick Emery character 'Bovver Boy.' And could you not have given poor Neil a smaller head, that one is bigger than Peterhead ha ha.
    • That's a life scale model, he is big headed cause he is a Road Runner that's all,lol!!

    • Here Chris since you are a Celtic Historian here is photo of Celtic v Clyde in 1955 the first televised game at Hampden Park were a "disappointing" crowd of 106,000 people turned out to watch the game the score was 1-1 and Clyde won 1-0 on the Replay

    • Great photo Charlie. The old Celtic end at Hampden stayed the exact same as that well into the 1980s. It just shows how times have changed when a crowd of over 100,000 was classed as disappointing. They still look as if they are jammed in like sardines right enough.
    • Where are you in the crowd Chris? Just can't pinpoint you.
    • I think thats more your era Norrie, although you would have been in the west terracing ha ha.
    • 1964 was my 1st game Chris. Rangers V Airdrie at Ibrox. Think it finished 1-1.
    • I think I missed that one due to (1) not being born, or (2) being barely born. But well done for recalling that one Norrie.
    • He's the twinkle in his dads eye in the Celtic end, you can't miss him, lol!!
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