Paolo Nuttini

Is Nuttini a MOD, well kinda


One the guys in my scooter club let him us his PX for a photo shot.


Paolo is a bit scruffy at times, but does scrub up well, when he was on Jools Holland Hootananny show he was wearing a lovely 3 button suit, nice pair of chelsea boots and a turtle neck.


Thoughts please

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  • Saw him here in the states while he was just beginning to gain some international momentum.Looked like a total Indie Bum. He has said in many, many interviews how influenced he was by Soul and Motown. Would be fair to say he probably grew up (he was 19 when he started) and got into Mod.
    • if he had a lammy then its the first ive heard any one mention it,remember im from his home town and been in to scoots and mods for years. i also know some of the folk he ran around with and none of them mensioned it. im not saying he didnt like the mod look. but he certinly didnt sport it before he got famous.
    • just seen the pics of him sitting on the scoot, its in a music mag over here "Hot press"

      in it he talks away about his love of soul music and having worked with the legendary "Dennis Coffey".

      then again he also name checks "Christy Moore"( a fine singer/songwriter but hardly a Mod influence:-) )

      He looks more of an indie type guy than anything.(you can hardly see the scoot by the way).....

      I found the interview very entertaining esp the typical Scottish wit.

      But , Nah he's not a Mod......

    • Here's the photo John, as long he doesn't name check Boy George as an influence he'll be alright with us,lol!!!
    • Him being a Celtic supporter, maybe Paolo's next single should be a cover of Paul & Barry Ryans Mod song ''Have Pity On The Bhoy'' Ho,ho!!!!!!!!
    • He is related to my Italian wife and plays in a Jazz festival in there hometown of Barga. The club there is fantastic a wee smokey place where you feel it would make a great Mod night. I think the last pic is off him in Barga big scooter Club there but all Vespa so not for me hehe. He is a great lad but think he just does his own thing.


      Hail Hail


  • If the handsome young whippersnapper is from Glasgow, it's fair to assume he has either matured into a cool look or was influenced by seeing stylish Mods out and about the town.

    Or his manager / stylist / record company advised him to adopt a Mod look...?

    Doesn't matter I guess. Out of interest, my mole came up with this 2008 incarnation of Paolo...

    • That picture sums it up for me. A poor mans David Sneddon.
    • Did he used to appear in Take the High Road.

    • He was an evil bastard too mate.
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