I wear my war-time coat in the wind and sleet...Can you still buy them? And if so, where? Does anybody know? Anybody got a good net link? I've looked but all that's on offer as far as I have found is modern day versions of what we originally wore. That's not what I want.

The reason I ask is cos I've been looking for one here. There's a couple of ex-army stores in my town & I've been in both. No joy.Oh, they have parkas - German - there's no F. way I'm buying a German parka.& they have Russian parkas - probably from the cold war era.I tried one on, just to see, like. It was like wearing a F. tent. It was that big & heavy. I nearly keeled over under the weight! You'd need ten weeks of combat training to be able to wear this thing... & survive.The worst thing I ever did to my parka was cut the hood off. How clever is that when you live in the west of Scotland?I was impressed, at the time, by Chris' hoodless parka. I think Hughie had one too. So I proceeded to hack-off the fur-trimmed hood & got my auntie to sew on another fur collar. While it looked fine, it wasn't much facial protection against the Glasgow rain.I never wrote anything on my parka. Never de-faced it in any way except cut the hood off. I had a German parka when I 1st became a Mod - I admit it. We all had to start somewhere. And like a plastic mod - I de-faced it. I had a big target sewn on the back. How gommy is that?But ye know, years later at scooter runs, I saw scooter boys with beer towels sewed onto their parkas?!So, people, wanna tell me about your parka?

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  • Your parka is sorta unique.  It is an M51 with Velcro nametag. 

  • The Parka and scooter mods had all but passed on by the time I was able to afford mod styling, in fact any clothing at all. Around 1968-69, we were into the suped-up anglias, cortinas and imps, therefore did not require Parkas. We were the second wave of mods.

    Our over wear of choice was either, a fly-fronted 3/4 length gabardine mac with short collar or a Crombie overcoat. I had a beautiful midnight blue Crombie, with top pocket, waisted, two pockets and ticket pocket with two inch flaps on the pockets, oh and the compulsory 12 inch rear centre vent. The lining was white silk. I had it made by a tailor in Walworth Road, South London; he made most of mine and my friends suits and Crombies. In the 60's  you could pay a tailor an initial deposit then pay- off in instalments. It was quite exciting waiting for the fittings for a new suit or Crombie. There were normally two fittings prior to completion.

    • I look at the pics of THE WHO at Woodstock and the style is def. not Mod. You can see its over.

      Fringe Tassles for chrissake.  

  • My parka isn't an m51 or m65, it's not german or a fishtail, it was made in china and was bought from Matalan. However, it was a christmas present from my dad and I love it! Living in the sunny Lancashire means I have been wearing it most days for the past 3 years, and it's slowly showing signs of tiring. But it is a prized possession nontheless, deemed "the Holy Grail" by my girlfriend, obviously mocking my idolatry. It's more a dark Brown khaki colour, and i think it's much smarter than the original green. It's warm and doesnt drape or hang in a sloping wrinkled mess like the originals seem to, which I believe is smarter. And finally, instead of adulterating it with Mod related patches and targets, I've opted for the more subtle adulteration of adding Northern soul patches, they'er only replicas but it's more subtle than a huge target and isn't as plastic in my opinion. The advertising of Northern soul is less mainstreem and shows a deeper understanding of Mod culture, and shows I'm no tag-along ;) and that's my parka   

  • I´m kind of biased about parkas to be honest. I have two of them, an M51 and a M65 that I bought when I was young. They´re not very stylish and I really prefer a nice overcoat or similar in the cold...that being said- living in Sweden which gets really cold, wet and snowy during the winter they are hard to beat comfortwise for everyday use in the darker months of the year. When you're just about for a walk or similar in the middle of january and it's -13f a crombie, peacoat have nothing on a warm, cosy parka in my opinion. Same thing goes on the scooter, when I´m just going for shorter bursts in bad weather and feel to lazy to put on my Barbour-gear which really is both better looking and can take the rain better.

    For everyday use I hardly ever wear one though. Especially not with more "formal" clothing.

  • I've got a lovely EX-48-1 parka in medium size

    It's a prototype parka and is in mint condition.

    I picked it up off a guy in Thailand for peanuts and its the dogs b*****x
  • You could call it a Parka Higher Diploma Stevie.
  • Thanks Steve, good luck with your degree :D
  • Well done Stevie. I did not know you had a phd in parka studies ha ha.
    • now studing towards a degree in boating blazers and tootal scarfs lol
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