Parkas. More modern or traditional?

Hi guys, i've just been looking around on the forum for a bit now and i'm looking for some help/opinions on buying a parka.

What I'm stuck on is what kind of parka I want to buy, as most the traditional m-51's either wouldn't fit me(since im a small guy) and i'd need to see some first instead of buying it online and changing my mind. So first, I was wondering if you guys could let me know of any shops in Glasgow that sell parkas (or mod gear in general) for reasonable prices, not PG price tags or anything haha

Secondly I was wondering if you know of any more up-to-date modern/stylish parkas that are out there too. As since i'm 18, so a reasonably young mod, I dont have the mindset of the traditional over the suit parka haha :P the only one i've really found are the merc london one with the tartan hood, and then the cheap topman one, which in my opinion isnt nice at all...but even though Im looking for a more modern styled parka im not wanting it to be too 'perfect' if you know what I mean as i'd still want to put badges and stuff on it.

Anyway, even if you guys cant help me i'd appreciate any feedback, i've already got some help off you lot just from reading some of your posts on other threads. but anyway, Cheers:)

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  • Lol me too, it's a really nice looking Coat. Haha I think there's only us two on here who like Pretty Green Clobber :-)
  • Sorry Ive not read all the replies on this thread.


    But I have this Parka:


    It's not exactly what you'd expect as a "mod" parka. It's more subtle and more up to date.

    Not the warmest Either but it depends what you want it for.

  • I have an old olive green vintage parka with fur hood & liner, which I wear over my armoured waterproof Weise scooter/bike jacket when riding the scoots. I wear this modern one based on a vintage design when out & about.

  • So it's not just me that thinks middle aged blokes look a bit daft in parkas then , the schoolkids that are wearing them look bad enough and they don't even own a scooter to go and get wet on to half justify it hahaha

    • I don't mind a parka myself, I get the feeling its because I didn't have one when I was younger, I'm sure I'll grow out of them/move on from them at some point because I much prefer a smart pea coat or a mac, but on those horrible snowy winter days nothing comes close for me, especially at the footy.

  • although, they may look better than those dickwards on Harley Davidsons.  Don't those Hogs dress like shite

    • Yeah I know what you mean alan, loved my parka when I was a kid, they're not for me now though.
      I just think as you get older you don't feel the need to be quite as obvious. Your taste becomes a little more refined. Having said that I've got no problem with people wearing them. Horses for courses ;-)
    • lol Yes harry, I think you may be right there.  It's always been the younger ones requiring the identity and fashion

  • no not for we chaps getting older.  Regardless, it's part of the " uniform " and they've earned their stripes

  • very cool chap indeed :-)
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