Party venue?

Ideas please!

Anyone know of a venue in london where i can hold my 40th i want a place where i can supply the dj and a 3 piece band. I'm hoping for about 125 to 150 guests? Ideally i want the sort of place where its cheap or free to hire as long as i spend x amount behind the bar.

Any ideas would be welcomed

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  • Hows about South London Pacific Tiki themed bar in Oval/Kennington? Large place, sound system ready to go and from memory room for a band as well as dj's....

    'Sarf Lundn Pacific'

  • Any specific area of London Gary?
    • South west London would be best or Surrey 
  • Hi Gary. That's pretty specific!


    I can only really think of West End venues really. Have you looked at The Social on Little Portland Street? Perhaps The Phoenix on Cavendish square? Both can hold over 100 people and there is a stage for bands to set up as well as input for turntables. Not sure on how they would charge though....


    Otherwise, whereabouts are you located? You might find there are some places closer to home as it were that wouldn't charge anything.


    Good luck!

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