• Jason, don't die at the sight of it, just pull the boxers further up their arse and give them a wedgie! That might curb their bad dress sense! ;-)


  • People seem to think it is acceptable to dress like a member of Coldplay!!!

  • I live in San Francisco, everyone dresses like they are going on a camping trip.

  • ..... vintage stock is getting harder to find both for sizeing and for quality/state. If you want to look bad (or wear ill fitting clothes) then that is an option, but to base your (suiting) wardrobe on vintage clothing is very very hard. One may get lucky from time to time, or one needs to settle for colours, styles or sizes one wouldnt normaly choose, fair enough, but that is comming to compromises. When one is 20 that is fine IMO, if one is 40 or 50 that is no longer an option.





  • From my observations on the London tube 90% of the population are complete strangers to shoe polish. Even those who are otherwise quite neatly dressed.

    Rant over.
    • And that's an important detail! Nice shoes without polish is like a good meal with coca cola! lol

  • Hows about the italian saying "La madre degli stupidi e sempre incinta!"

    The mother of the stupid is always pregnant! That would apply well to the flip flop failures in GB. Though like your quote too Phil.

    • Thank you Robert. Michel Audiard should be known outside french language aeras as his dialogues were really the best in french movies( and most often so true)!

  • I think to be well dressed is not only about the money you put in the clothes you buy. And i am really glad you can find cheap nice things today including second hand clothes you will find on ebay or charity shops.

    I have some Penguin polo , Ben Sherman shirts, and maybe low quality stuff as i am not a rich guy who can afford the top quality limited new clothes all the time like many of us.

    I mean once more, that the attitude to wear things, the elegance is not a matter of price. And when i see people with very expensive clothes on their back and no style to wear it, i don't call that "well dressed".

    It makes me think of a Michel Audiard famous quote (he was a french director and very known in France for his funny smart dialogues during 50's and 60's movies): "La plume dans le cul d'un imbécile n'en fait pas un oiseau rare" (the about traduction would be: "the feather in an idiot ass does not make him a rare bird")

  • I am no oil painting and a lack of hair has reduced me to a number 4 all over and good sideburns; however I always get compliments from the wifes friends.  They talk to me about clothes, 'is that a new jacket Mick?', 'Mick always makes an effort' etc.  Some are probably having a discrete dig at their husbands.  I enjoy the banter and believe that many women in their forties like men to look smart, make an effort.  The alternative cool surf/hiking look is shapeless and not flattering.

    Never had any stick for the way I dress!

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