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At the recent SXSW festival in Texas journalist Will Hodgkinson chaired a discussion called This Is Mod the highlight of which was this candid and revealing conversation with Who frontman Pete Townshend:


The Who’s second gig was a place called Boseley’s Ballroom in Chiswick, West London. John Entwistle and I were still at school and Roger Daltrey had just finished, so this must have been the summer of 1961, I would have been 16, and at Boseley’s there was already a mod thing bubbling under. It was the first time I ever danced. Prior to that, dancing at a club was jiving, which required a degree of coordination plus contact with a female, neither of which I had access to. I realised that, actually, that was where the mod movement began: boys being able to dance on their own. It was incredibly important.

Read the whole facinating interview on the Subbaculture site

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  •  Hi  Its Johnny Hassel again, i remember being in the Ilford Palais one night,probably a Sunday night,the upstairs bar was not licensed,and we called it the milk bar, anyway on this particular night i was at the bar waiting to be served and became aware of a small figure of a man standing to left hand side,dripping with sweat,i immediately reconized him as KEITH MOON of the WHO ,as they were appearing there that night,it was probably in their half time break,because they went on to do the second part ot the gig,finishing it by smashing their gear to absolutely a milloin pieces,must have been about 1964...priceless...............
  • Excellent article, really enjoyable and interesting.
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