John Paterson suggested that I post a short set on the No1 Mod DJ 'Brighton' the place up a bit. :-)


On reflection I decided to start this thread instead  for any DJs on the site to post up playlists/sets


So i'll kick off with my short guest spots at The Hush Club impromptu night at the Heart & Hand last saturday


1st Set


I Dig Your Wig - Buddy Guy - Chess

You're Still A Square - B B King - ABC Paramount

C O D - Albert King - Coun-Tree

I'm Moving On - Ray Charles - London

Some Other Guy - Richie Barrett - Atlantic

Gary U S Bonds - Working For My Baby - Legrand

Not For Me - Sammy Davis Jr. - Reprise

Tighten Up Your Tie, Button Up Your Jacket - Aretha Franklin - Columbia

Gurney Slade - Max Harris - Fontana


2nd Set


Love Potion No. 9 - The Coasters - London 

The Lonely One - Tom Jones - Decca

Gimme Gimme - Z Z Hill - Kent

Neighbor, Neighbor - Jimmy Hughes - Fame 

Crying Days Are Over - Kelly Brothers - Sims

Pain Gets A Little Deeper - Darrow Fletcher - Groovy

Nothing But A Heartache - The Flirtations  - Deram 


Ian B



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    • That goes without saying Kai. No self respecting bash do should pass without that classic getting an airing.
    • I should think so! :-)
    • Lol :-)
    • Nice to see someone else appreciates that Frootful single, Paddy ;)

    • Hadn't played it out for years so it deserved it's place on the team :-)
  • MG Blues, Manchester, Saturday 25/2/17
    My playlist from the afternoon, in order.

    Knock knock - Carol Fran - Excello
    Abc 123 - The Tokens - RCA Victor 
    Walkin' - the Sheppards - Okeh
    Lookin' for my Mary Ann - Billy Adams - Sun
    Little Tiger - H Bomb Ferguson - Arc
    You must be crazy - Al Garner - Excello
    I won't be your fool - Eddie Foster - Lyons
    No good - Jimmy McCracklin - Premium
    Just a little bit - Tiny Topsy - Federal
    Cleopatra - Jamie Coe - Big Top
    Lonely Moon - Johnny Wells - Astor
    Jenny Jenny - Laurel Aitken - Blue Beat
    Cherry Home - Derrick Morgan - Island
    Strange - Delores Ware - Sharon
    Can't shake it - Etta James - Chess
    You just don't know - The Broadways - MGM     

    • Fantastic set there mate, every bit as good as I would have expected now. Although they are all great my favourites are the tracks from The Sheppards, Jamie Coe, Derrick Morgan, Delores Ware, Etta James, and the Broadways.
    • Cheers Chris, just a couple of faves then mate ;-)
    • Yeah, just one or two really mate. Never did get the hang of that counting up nonsense ha ha
    • An excellent set that Paddy. I really enjoyed listening to that tonight, superb mate.

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