Pocking around charity shops

I was so pleased my wifes mate dragged me into a charity shop on sunday it was worth every penny well 99p actually i got the squeeze album up the junction and the guy threw in a 60's soul album for free i was so pleased ill be going back for more.anyone else got any bargains like this?

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  • I think my greatest charity shop find was The Red Army Chorus, but the ones around here tend to be pretty lacking in Mod sounds.
  • Well your hearts in it Steve thats the main thing
  • Was just kiddin steve ...i know the feeling though i was grounded for years when my two were toddlers now the missus loves the idea of me going to modfests gets me out of her hair and her soaps.
  • Fucking hell Steve your not by any chance coming to the mod weekend in liverpool are you I hope not ...The grim reaper of mod gigs
    • Charity shop here has a nice officers tunic,complete with rope under arm and nice shiny buttons ,bot not too sure about the whole militaria look,however the cut and fit of the jacket is super fitted,and looks sharp as fook,and guess what Steve ,NO BUTTON HOLE ;-)
  • Charity shop where i live,i managed to get a Hardy Amies suit for £2 and a Crombie style cashmere coat for £3,dont think i'll ever be that lucky ever again !
    • Just got back from town with the greatest hits of the troggs £1.99 pity its only the cd but hey its music to my ears
    • I got A pair of loakes boots for £9.99 i thought that was a good deal
    • Got a great Martinique polo shirt for £2.50 - great 60's styling

      Got a 60's style slim fitting Beige Mac for £8

      Navy Cord Denim-Style Jacket for £4.50

      Always keeping yer eyes peeled 

    • Love Charity shops, picked up a pair of tan suede Chelsea boots size 7  , for a fiver, and a light lemon colour Harrington Jacket , for a tenner, the message is keep going in and looking , you will always get lucky.
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